Group of Zambians want to erect statues of Sata

By Ernest Chanda
Post newspaper

Fri 08 Feb. 2013, 13:20 CAT [124 Reads, 0 Comment(s)] Text size Print

A GROUP of Zambians are seeking permission to erect 5-metre high statues around the country in honour of President Michael Sata.

The group calling itself Consortium of Good Governance Supporters said President Sata had achieved a lot of things for the nation, hence the need to honour him when he is alive.

“Following his Excellency President Michael Sata’s impressive performance, we herein humbly seek your permission to put up five-metre high statues in his great honour. We strongly believe this shall be something of value to our country, whilst acknowledging the few isolated challenges. Even in football it is the goals scored that count for a win, not the missed chances,” group corporate affairs director Frederick Chinsala stated in a January 28, 2013 letter to justice minister Wynter Kabimba.
Chinsala stated that the statues would be erected in Kalabo, Kasama, Lusaka, Chipata and along Great North Road.

“We have learnt from the past when the out pouring of people’s favourable comments on the demised leader Levy Mwanawasa forced his widow Maureen to gravely lament that he demised without knowing his own people appreciated him. God forbid, by saying so we are not in any faintest way suggesting our incumbent may pass on, no please.”

Chinsala stated that President Sata had adhered to pronouncements he made during his inauguration on September 23, 2011.
He highlighted several achievements that President Sata scored in various sectors of life.

“The perfect action of handing back Finance Bank Zambia Limited (FBZ) to the rightful owner, Dr Rajan Mahtan after the previous regime sold such a profitable bank for a song of K27 billion, brings with it investor confidence that what is yours, shall remain yours,” he stated.

“Similar to this FBZ success, is the repossession of the Zambia Telecommunications Company Limited (Zamtel) which was fraudulently ‘given’
over to the Libyans. By this action, the people of Zambia have been assured
that their properties are in good hands, all because of the superior
leadership qualities of His Excellency the President. The situation is the
same with Zambia Railways where Professor Clive Chirwa has been entrusted
to turn things around.”

Chinsala advanced other reasons as the rebasing of the kwacha,
which he stated had, among other benefits, simplified and quickened
transactions; thereby giving the people more production time as less time
is spent counting the money.

“The improvement in the minimum wages and tax-free packages for the lowly
paid has made former economic outcasts to at least feel part of this
country. The quick intervention to avoid food riots by His Excellency the
President in ensuring that mealie-meal prices did not continue choking the
majority is a true mark of a caring government. The Link Zambia 8000 road
project is a marvel milestone in infrastructural development to improve
the economy,” he stated.

On the judiciary, Chinsala stated that judicial reforms were underway.
He also stated that President Sata’s administration was in the process of
setting up district and provincial prosecutions departments, instead of
every case going to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

“Qualitatively, the unprecedented guidance by the Minister of Justice that
the judicial reforms shall go by way of the Commission deserves support
from all right thinking Zambians, unless one is naturally anachronistic
and lamentably filled with incurables of jealousy, hate, frustration,
malice, tribalism and permanently backward…,” Chinsala stated.

“Anyone who loves Zambia will treasure this guidance and consequently
highly appreciate the able Minister of Justice and the PF government in
general. Everyone, including corrupt judges, needs a properly functioning
judiciary as it will not be justice if a corrupt judge is punished

On the anti graft fight, Chinsala stated that President Sata’s
administration added steam by restoring the Abuse of Office offence from
the Anti Corruption Act, which was removed by his predecessor.
He stated that the action implied that the PF administration had no
interest in abusing public office.

Chinsala stated that the budgetary allocation to the office of the First
Lady was a mark of transparency in the governance system.

“The unprecedented superior quality and genuine leadership through
transparency in the expenditures of the First Lady’s office is a huge mark
of true leadership as it had been fashionable by the previous governments
to hide the sources of funds used by their then first ladies. Every sane
Zambian should rally behind this transparency and lobby for more funds for
the First Lady’s noble office,” Chinsala stated.

“The appointment of highly competent professionals to run corporations
deserves special acknowledgment. For instance, Dr Michael Gondwe at Bank
of Zambia, Mr Chibamba Kanyama at Zambia National Broadcasting
Corporation, Prof Clive Chirwa to run the Zambia Railways, to mention only
a few; as it used to be common in previous regimes for party cadres to be
appointed even when they lacked qualifications and experience for the

On prison conditions, Chinsala stated that the government had exposed such
through regular high level visits by the Vice-President, thereby raising
awareness for improvement.

On the media, Chinsala stated that the government had promoted freedom
although some were abusing it already.

He stated that plans to take the Freedom of Information bill to parliament
was another milestone.

On national security, Chinsala stated that government’s decision to
register SIM cards would bring decency and security in communication.
He stated that the revocation of Lundazi Catholic priest Fr Viatour
Banyangandora’s deportation showed government’s willingness to listen.
Chinsala stated that above all, despite provocation from some groups of
people, the government maintained peace in the nation.

On sport, Chinsala stated that President Sata’s leadership pedigree had
resulted in the national soccer team winning the African Cup of Nations
last year.

“The winning of the Africa Cup brought a sense of self belief and great
unity and happiness among Zambians. There are so many other achievements
that this government has done which have not been included here. Hence,
for these few foregoing highlights and many others not included here, we
strongly believe honouring our beloved competent President would be a step
in the right direction; for we should not be sitting idle and wait for
people abroad to call our leaders for awards,” stated Chinsala.

“We can also give them what we can; after all, we are the direct
recipients of their good governance which guarantees us peace. Some
countries have never known peace.”


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    Fougarcon 5 years

    You are not a PF cadre by an chance are you ?

  • comment-avatar

    Its disappointing to read articles like this one, some bembas have never stopped to amaze me, these people have always exhibited ignorance. How can you think of erecting statues when your citizens are in abject poverty, your rebased kwacha is in freefall, your retirees are not able to send there children to colleges yet you have lots of moneys to erect your statues and say you don’t have enough to pay them,u can keep judge Chikopa on a 5000 dollar allowance daily and even build your bungalows before your retirement. I mean no sensible Bemba can see sense here.

    I do hope you shall change, otherwise I have nothing to lose I am a Barotse national and I am merely warning you to change your thieving attitudes otherwise Zambia will be another Zimbabwe. what we don’t want is you to be a poor neighbouring country as you shall be sneaking into Barotseland looking for jobs and we shall not tolerate you, we know we are poised to be an economic haven. Iam sorry we will not tolerate you.

    Mr Satan you have serious external issues to handle, We as Barotses want your troops out of our country we don’t want to go to war with your country but if you persist we will have no option but to butcher your sleepy men like you do in that filthy uniform of yours. We have spoken on many platforms that no brown envelope is able to buy our freedom unless freedom itself.

    God bless Barotseland.

  • comment-avatar
    Simembe 5 years

    Only a mad man would think of such a stupid idea.The so called Zambian Group should put development first and not Idol worship.
    How much is this stupid idea going to cost anyway?

    If who ever you call yourselves have nothing else to think of,donate the monies to the Post Bus vitims.Propabaly this way,the nation will have something to remember about you.Get a job and stop day dreaming.

  • comment-avatar
    JAP 5 years

    No idol worship please. If Chishala wants a job from he must just go to State House and ask him. No wonder his name. Can anything good come from Chishala in Chunga dump site.

  • comment-avatar
    Howling Wofl 5 years

    well,erect them so that Kaponyas will have something to urinate on. All Dictators erect those things. When we change government we will hold mass ceremonies to destroy them. That is what happens at the end of most Dictatorships. Its normal.

  • comment-avatar
    Tom Cruze 5 years

    It’s nosence to say the least really.What consortium? I hope his “ex” will not be swayed by such s**t.But any how s***t happens,especially in zed.

  • comment-avatar
    Chamwaza 5 years

    Erect them in Muchinga, Luapula and Northern provinces using your own money not GRZ money. As for other provinces such as Southern, Western and North-Western it is a definite NO.

  • comment-avatar
    colin chisamba 5 years

    ummm,not necessary surely, we will up it down when another gov comes in. What sata is doing is just his job.

    • comment-avatar
      Miodon 5 years

      He is not even doing what is his job! He is failing to do his job!

  • comment-avatar
    Fougarcon 5 years

    Eerily reminiscent of the Kaunda days – worshiping individuals!

  • comment-avatar
    vandetta 5 years

    You are fool and go to hell with your foolishness…. Period

  • comment-avatar
    democrat 5 years

    Erect heelth posts, police posts and schools instead and name them after Sata,it a far far much better way of showing appreciation amidst wild spread poverty and unemployment. Rethink you thouhgts PLEASE.

  • comment-avatar
    Defend Democracy 5 years

    Erect hospitals and classrooms and better roads!

  • comment-avatar

    I think the idiot who replied my question over NAPSA issue is one of them(MANIACS).You are already scared,just wait n c i have all the pay slips.The alternating is being done at NAPSA offices.Kuti naa tamuna bona cula mpali kupwida makwa muyo mubona.Am not going to stop not until i get what i worked for you big fools.You cheat people that you are doing your job when you are very busy stealing.I think Mwakabbida batabbidwi.

  • comment-avatar

    to say the least this another version of madness. great men have come and gone. Sata is the least to be thought in the category of great men. He came to power by peddling lies. i would not be surprised that Chinsala whatever his name is is Sata’s Vuvuzela.

  • comment-avatar
    No Name 5 years

    Erect it in Muchinga.

  • comment-avatar
    2013! 5 years

    We all sin but sinning deliberately like this is foolishness! Sata can’t take the place of God, he is way too tiny. Mr. Chinsala is a fool, a bootlicker, loser, beggar, opportunist, parasite. Evil rests in this man’s heart!

  • comment-avatar
    God and Peace 5 years

    I’m not a worshiper of Idos.Zambia is a christian nation.

  • comment-avatar
    mike 5 years

    mwalaba what happened to statues of Saddam, go ahead n u ll c…we are watching!

  • comment-avatar
    Humble & Patriotic 5 years

    What rubbish and nonsense. Which idiot wants to do that in this day and age? You honestly want to take the country 30 years backward?

  • comment-avatar
    Z.K 5 years


  • comment-avatar

    may de God i serve kill ths chinsala man b4 he brings ths nation to idolism.

  • comment-avatar
    Anonymous 5 years

    This can only be from tribal bigots alongside shameless sychophants driven purely by eccentric zeal. This is a case which psychatrist must take keen interest in to uncover how a mob can be so united and weaven in corporate lunancy to end up with such a mind defying venture. 

    Definitely this is rooted in Mmembe who, after all, has already erected Ukwa’s statue in his mind seen by how often he pays homage to it in his daily editorials.

    Must the rest of us be offended by the sight of these idols everywhere we turn to these lunies intend to erect country wide? 

  • comment-avatar

    may de God i serve kill ths chinsala man b4 he brings or nation to idolism.

  • comment-avatar
    john mulenga makuwa 5 years

    Exod 20:4 Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image

    • comment-avatar
      bosco 5 years

      Ha ha ha

      -The Living Dead-

  • comment-avatar
    Miodon 5 years


    We need REAL development, not useless statues of idiots!

  • comment-avatar
    master p 5 years

    Kaya!!! I dnt understand how some people think

  • comment-avatar
    john mulenga makuwa 5 years

    Dictators have a habit of building Statues – the statues are usually destroyed when the dictatorial regime is out of power. Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image Exodus 20 Vs 4. Thou shalt have no other gods before me Exodus 20 Vs 3.

  • comment-avatar
    NEVER AGAIN 5 years

    Let them go ahead and erect it, but remember that we will pull it down the moment PF leave government

  • comment-avatar

    These are the kind of sycophants Sata and Kabimba love to hear from.

  • comment-avatar
    Centre Back Of Democracy 5 years

    It’s so hard to imagine that there are still people who think like Chinsala in this age and era. This is foolish hero worshipping which is devoid of reasonableness. The work of a morbid mind is not difficult to capture. Chinsala, why don’t you use your brains to think of the many dearly departed people who fought for our Independence? What about the people who have brought joy to all Zambians, for instance, the 2012 AFCON Winning team? Your President is causing anguish and pain to 70% of Zambians and you call that achievements. It is not far fetched to lump you in the category of those PF Terrorists and Hoodlums. Time and again I have reminded the likes of you that you may have fooled some, but you certainly did not fool all of us. Go back into memory lane and you will discover that there are a lot of Zambians deserving accolades than Sata.

  • comment-avatar
    md 5 years

    I must still be in bed dreaming,wat kind of fools r u? Sata has done nothing that I can point at and say ok that’s good, and who is going to pay for that rubbish? I can’t believe we still ve very foolish people that think sata is some kind of a ka god notice my statement a ka god I pray to a powerful GOD nt a ka sata foolish man,so go ahead and build I,ll b the first to pull them down

    • comment-avatar

      You are very right man,These MA NYANDULES are doing nothing.Where is peterson to SING this Anyandule song again.I think this song is much applying to the current ruling Govt.Ni ba Mwankole.ZAGA,Peterson continue rocking your hits

  • comment-avatar
    mantoni 5 years

    Think aboiut kaunda fitst. ukwa is just a comedian and does nt deserve this…..begin to think with yo brains and not with yo anuses.

  • comment-avatar
    kwatu 5 years

    The four districts mentioned plus somewhere on the great northroad where accidents are happening, oviously this will be mpika, its going to form a pentagon across zambia. This is used by sata-nists. Zambians wake up. Do u remember chanda chimba taling about the black sign in the post and the occult movement. If your memory is short downlload those series from the internet. And also try to watch the documentary for the king cobra snake on NatGeo, which is the code name for our head of state. Did kaunda, LPM, FTJ, RB, Andy and other great leaders have beast names? Zambians we are being handled over to the devil and men of God are quite. Father sacrifices live chickens at rally in Luanshya signifying what was to come in the future. Its just that we have short memories in this country, where is paul musus, bishop imakando, joshua banda, rev sampa bredt, bishop chihana.

  • comment-avatar
    Young politician. 5 years

    These wet blankets advocating such nosense and idiocrecy to honour ukwa are cohourts……y in the world would think of buildin statues wen pipo are langweshin in poverty….

  • comment-avatar
    Kalipompo 5 years

    This reads like it was put together by Frederick Chnsala AKA Wynter Kabibimba. It smells like communist cult of personality drivel that one would expect from North Korea or the days of Joseph Stalin or closer to home Mengistu Haile Mariam – they both got statues that do not stand any more.

  • comment-avatar
    fdy 5 years

    Pride hath a fall!

    World has Union of good and bad, day and night, heaven and hell. It has living and dead.

    Mr. Chinsala is creating oxymoron of “the living dead”. His intentions are not good and has not given enough thoughts to his plan. His Excellency shall stop this and avoid embarrassment for himself and his kith and kins.

    We live in a Christian Nation and idols are against our basic tenets.

  • comment-avatar
    sonia 5 years

    Saddam did the same and we all watched them being ripped out and torn down.

    If they do set up these statues, we will eventually tear them down and use them a toilets.

  • comment-avatar
    sata 5 years

    it is only DICTATORS who like such things eg SADDAM HUSSEIN, GADDAFI etc. anyway erect them becoz we shall be seeing statutes when he is at the HAGUE for crimes against humanity which he is commiting daily…eg kill those LOZIs. blocking peoples rights to assemble and express themselves freely in a democracy shall cost his life for sure.
    the only thing he has done is to continue APPOINTING only BEMBAS daily. it is the first time a DICTATOR in africa is showing that he hates other tribes apart from his own.
    you dont need statutes even, why not put this same TRIBALIST on the cross 7 hrs per day for people to watch him LIVE.

  • comment-avatar
    bosco 5 years

    Mood of majority of Zambians is against PF government and it will add fuel to the fire and not good for His Excellency, PF and its successors. Who will maintain his statues after he is out of power?

    Will his children live in peace seeing dilapidated and may be mutilated statues in far flung areas of the country?

  • comment-avatar
    bosco 5 years

    Why do people forget idol worshiping is prohibited?

  • comment-avatar
    Rabid Dog 5 years

    This is idiocy at its best.

  • comment-avatar
    Boondocks 5 years

    Such nonsense can only come from a Congolese. Very useless thinking.

  • comment-avatar
    Chanda Mwaume 5 years

    Saddam’s statutes were pulled down, RB’s portraits were scratched, what happens to Sata’s?

  • comment-avatar
    Nseke Nyo 5 years

    Do not blame this malabishi chishala or whatever he is called. I think he has the inside information about the remaining number of days for cNP on earth and hence the need for quick recognition of SATAs failures.

  • comment-avatar
    Kay Love 5 years

    53 People have lost their lives in terrible accident because of poor roads, cadres are busy erecting statues for PF’s failures to deliver.
    In the same place again pupils are sitting on the floor and have never even seen how a desk looks like, but here again, they are busy wasting money on things which will be obviously removed by the next govt.
    If Pf are good at wasting money, why not just give each family this “head of state” statue?
    Now, is it just people from Kalabo, Kasama, Lusaka and Chipata who only benefit the statues? What about other places?
    In Solwezi, a bag of mealie meal is scotching at KR 110 from KR 37 whilst MMD was in power. Lets not waste tax payers money on non benefitting ornaments. UTH needs clean water and oxygen.
    Time to get serious PF, how many people if not none will benefit from satues?

  • comment-avatar
    Maverick 5 years

    By the way how are they planning to portray his private parts in this giant statue for I hear the President has no balls at all? At least Zuma was portrayed in that naked painting to have a big weapon down there, probably an information they obtained from one of his concubine, lol. What about those black teeth, will they show them too or he won’t smile? Any misrepresentation we refuse and will be another reason to tear it down so sooner will be erected.

    Unbelievable idiocy, really unbelievable and just makes me want to puke. I can’t even believe you didn’t change the title to read a ‘A group of idiots…

  • comment-avatar
    Prof Langdon 5 years

    Zambia is taking the route of North Korea & other failed Communist regimes by honouring “The Great Leader”. This is 2013, wake up!

  • comment-avatar
    Maverick 5 years

    Are you for real? Oh dear, of all the places my hometown Kalabo (which remarkably is the least developed in Zambia) has been selected in this guy’s nauseating, if not repugnant dream. What criteria was he using to select these places anyway? Put it out in Kalabo and it will be the only reason I will be travelling there this year to smash it before it even dries up… this is ridiculous man! Man I hate swearing but I was almost gon’ swear at this guy and his friends. Really what is wrong with these people?