Guilty as charged, on all 50 + 1 counts


1. Job losses on the Copperbelt
2. Excessive national debt
3. Unprecedented load shedding
4. Unprecedented abuse of the Public Order Act
5. Unprecedented biased coverage of public media
6. Closure of the Post Newspaper
7. Under-performance of health facilities
8. Very High cost of living
9. High bank interest rates
10. Very high cost of fertilizer
11. Very high unemployment
12. Failure to stop political violence
13. Unexplained amassing of personal wealth
14. political intolerance
15. Dilution of constitution
16. Abuse of public resources by retained ministers
17. Bribing of chiefs before elections
18. Lies about reopening Mulungushi Textiles
19. Abuse of Human Rights of citizens
20. Failure to revamp Zambia Railways and Zambia Airways
21. Ferrying of musicians to PF rallies in ZAF choppers
22. Failure to give loans to marketeers countrywide
23. Lying to ex-miners about land
24. Peddling tribalism
25. Failing to contain corruption by the executive
26. Wasting public resources through unprecedented by elections
27. u-turning too many times on introduced policies
28. Dividing the church because of politics
29. Failing to build the national tabernacle for prayers
30. Pretending to be a believer in hard times
31. Turning state house into a pub
32. Surrounding the presidency with mediocrity
33. Demonizing university students after provoking them
34. Wasting public resources on unnecessary trips
35. Failing to back orders of statutory legal bodies
36. Late payment of civil servant salaries
37. Embracing false prophets
38. Unfair denial of use of airspace to other candidates
39. Failing to protect citizens from violent political cadres
40. Giving markets and bus stops to political cadres
41. Allowing cadres to grab land from rightful owners
42. Trying hard to rig elections
43. Supporting rogue regimes hated by their own people
44. General lack of patriotism
45. Failure to discuss national vision on live presidential debate
46. Chickening away from international media
47. Allowing foreigners to acquire national registration cards
48. Helping foreigners to register as voters
49. Curtailing freedom of assembly and movement
50. Embarrassing first lady through bad association with females

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