Guy Iscariot Scott: The price of the Zambian Constitution is 30 Pieces of Silver

From our readers…
It is no big secret that the PF have cared little about our Constitution since their initial 90 day promise translated into 3 years of waiting, the fact that Guy Scott has once again proven how little he cares about this country’s principles by this recent act.

Scott has consistently taken shots at Edgar Lungu and quite rightly so. Since Edgar Lungu has attempted to seize power Scott seemed to be the benevolent old statesman merely allowing a fair platform for election before he took his retirement.

Scott noted the illegality of Lungu and Kalaba’s trip to pay homage to Robert Mugabe saying that he needed to “look at the rules” before issuing a suspension. Scott noted hypocrisy of Lungu pledging to reverse the retirement age back to 55 when Lungu was part of the cabinet that passed this unpopular piece of legislation, Scott is on record saying “The retirement age was approved by Cabinet. I don’t know what his [Lungu’s] point was”.

Scott also noted that Lungu was very much part of the problem surrounding the recognition of the Bashilubemba’s selection of Henry Sosala as Chitimikulu.
All of these comments were reported yesterday, 24 hours before this shallow and weak reconciliation.

Scott has since his time as Acting President has come across as sincere; he has frequently spoken of the rules and legality, frequently pledging that no candidate would be able to abuse resources and frequently stating that we the Zambian people would be afforded a free and fair election.

Lets also not forget that both Scott and Lungu have sacked each other in recent memory.

 Merely 3 days ago Edgar Lungu took it upon himself to fire the Acting President, in turn removing Scott from the PF.

 One of Guy Scott’s first actions as acting president was to attempt to fire Edgar Lungu as the Secretary General of the PF.

 Scott also suspended 16 Central Committee members for their support of Lungu back in November.

Guy Scott also declared the initial PF General Conference won by Edgar Lungu to be illegal.

The idea that these two men have reconciled is completely unfeasible and their actions have not only affected the lives of the people of Zambia but it as also irreversibly damaged the reputation of this great nation.

The reality is Guy Scott had been praised for the way he had carried himself in recent months and his respect for the rule of law , he threw away this position even when people  in the opposition and within civil society stood behind him praising his constitutional approach in this transitional period.

Guy Scott is Judas Iscariot; he sold the constitution and the rule of law for 30 pieces of silver.  He sold his integrity for cheap politicking and he sold out the morals and Christian values of this country with this shameless act of “reconciliation”. How he can lie before God and the Christian Nation of Zambia makes me fear for what will happen to his soul. But for now he will go the way of Judas Iscariot, hung out in the wilderness with nothing but betrayal and cowardice as his legacy.

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