Guy Scot also blocked from visiting HH

Guy Scot also blocked from visiting HH

DR Guy Scott says the State is being nasty to deny him chance to visit incarcerated UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Dr Scott, the former Republican Vice-President who also acted as President after Michael Sata’s death, said the State was hurting people at will and being offensive for no reason.

He said he sympathised with the PF government for its hatred towards political opponents like Hichilema and the UPND.

When [Michael] Sata was in Chimbokaila, every time I wanted to see him, I went there and I saw him. He even used to come to that chicken run at the back where people go to see the prisoners and I would tell the prison warders that I want to see that one, they would take me inside and give us a room and we would talk about anything we wanted,
Dr Scott, who supported and heavily campaigned for the UPND in the 2016 general elections, said.

“And I think it is very sad; the kind of nastiness we are witnessing in this country where the State is hurting people and being offensive to people [seeking to visit Hichilema] and this is now being counted as part of our culture, it is not supposed to be like that. I actually sympathise with people like Mwenya Musenge for being blocked from visiting HH. This is really sad. Personally, I have asked for letters of authorisation to go there to visit him, but I haven’t even received [a response from] them yet.”

He advised the government to emulate president Levy Mwanawasa’s unique style of leadership and stop injuring people’s rights and freedoms.

I want to advise this government and I think we need to be lesser sensitive to our so-called enemies…You want to make life hard for everyone who is there, no. I truly sympathise with this government but it wasn’t like that before PF, things were not done that way in the days of Mwanawasa,
Dr Scott said.

He said the behaviour of bullying citizens with divergent views was not going to yield any positive results for selfish and greedy government officials.

There is a behaviour of bullying. It’s like you go to school and find a boy who can’t pass exams and he goes around beating people. And it is that kind of nasty bullying we are getting and I don’t like it. What benefit is it doing us as a country? Is it making us look serious people? It is just embarrassing us and making us look like people who do not know what we are doing,
said Dr Scott.

“This is making the country lose its credibility not because of the enemies of the government but because the government cannot project the damage it is causing this nation.”

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