Guy Scot fails to meet ultimatum given by Sata

Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scot has failed to meet the ultimatum given by President Michael Sata in which Sata demanded that Scot tells him which Cabinet Meeting authorised former Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo to dissolve the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) board and fire senior managers.
A source at State House has disclosed that President Sata gave Guy Scot up to Monday April 7, 2014 to tell him which Cabinet meeting authorised Masebo to take illegal actions at ZAWA. The ultimatum to Scot follows Scot’s testimony at the Roydah Kaoma led tribunal that it was government’s position to dismiss senior managers at ZAWA, fire senior managers and cancel duly awarded concessions.
“The President was very annoyed with the Vice President’s testimony at the tribunal that the action Masebo took was government’s position. First of all the President did not even know that his Vice was going to be a witness. So after the tribunal, Scot was given up to April 7,2014 to tell the President which Cabinet meeting authorised Masebo and from what I know, the deadline has passed and Scot has no answer. So let us wait and see,” the source said.
Meanwhile, the Office of the President Special Division is investigating reports that Guy Scot authorised a Helicopter under the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to pick up Chief Nabwalya to come and testify for Masebo during the tribunal. The source said Guy Scot minus following procedure instructed the DMMU Director Patrick Kangwa to send a Helicopter to Mpika to pick up Chief Nabwalya and Fly him back after testifying for Masebo.
“The Vice-President did not follow procedure to send the DMMU Chopper, the OP are investigating and the President will be given the report soon,” the source said.
The DMMU falls under the Office of the Vice President.

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