Guy Scott and Kambwili Altercations

By. Dr. Robert Mtonga
THE on-going altercations between Zambia’s Information and Broadcasting Minister and Chief Government Spokesman Mr. Chishimba Kambwili and Former Republican Vice-President and current Member of Parliament for Lusaka Central Constituency Dr. Guy Lindsay Scott are neither honourable nor helpful to our nationhood.

The invectives and aspersions being cast in both directions are far from being collegial and one wonders as to what purpose they are serving.

Just when political neutrals were beginning to believe that the departure of Honourable Dr. Scott from Patriotic Front(PF) Party top echelons was one less headache for PF –diehards lo and behold up-springs Honourable Kambwili loaded with such unpalatable and unprintable slurs that would embarrass a bat out of its reverie.

The nation was told, just the other day, that Honourable Dr. Scott was not a factor (that flavoured word again!) and that his fall from grace to grass was long anticipated by the PF. So the question is what has changed? Why is Honourable Kambwili spending many hours, it would seem, to fashion such diatribes which he delivers with such largeness, verve and frequency as if his next breath depended on them?

To what end is Honourable Kambwili divulging such embarrassing details on the political life and living of Dr. Scott in direct contradistinction with our time-honoured Zambian culture?

As for Honourable Dr. Scott, it is uncultured to band those Zambians who have democratically elected to join and remain as members of the PF as fools and President Lungu as being a childish leader. Surely these words in their natural meaning cannot be said to be endearing nor uplifting. Even if Dr. Stott thinks and holds base views of Honourable Kambwili and President Lungu, he should have been civil and chosen more polished municipal expressions to make his point.

How quickly do men forget the basic tenet that politics is nothing more than a game. There are no dividends garnered from the use of affronts where and when a wise, well thought out word would deliver a thought as effectively. In other words the force of argument and not the argument of force is what makes dialogue effective.

It remains for me, if I may, as a mere nobody, to plead with both Honourable Kambwili and Honourable Dr. Scott, as our national leaders, to bury their hatchets and join hands in helping the nation find solutions to the many socio-economic problems torturing our people day in and day out.

The issues of the high and prohibitive cost of living, the out-of-reach price of our staple food, the unflattering electricity load shedding, the run-away inflation, the high bank interest rates ,the erratic supply of petroleum products, the job losses on the Copper Mines, among other things need all hands on deck and the squabbles between and among our leaders are not part of the solution.

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