Guy Scott explains why he never acts as president

Guy Scott explains why he never acts as president

Vice President Guy Scott has explained why he does not act as president whenever president Mi chale Sata goes gallivanting outside Zambia.

Dr. Scott has revealed that the constitution does not allow him to stand for the republican presidency or act as president because of his ethnic background.

QFM NEWS reports that during the vice president’s question time, Dr. Scot recalled that in 1996, under the late former president Dr. Frederick Chiluba, parliament passed an amendment that forbids Zambian residents whose parents are born outside the country to act or stand as president.

He stated that the amendment is discriminatory as agreed by most legal experts in the country.

The vice president further said that he was anxiously waiting for former vice president George Kunda to take him to court over his eligibility to hold the position vice president.

He told the house that the former vice president prefers to politic other than going to court because he knows that he will lose the case.

Dr. Scot was responding to a question from Mpongwe Member of Parliament Gabriel Namulambe who wanted to know why he does not act as president in the absence of the president.

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