Guy Scott implicated in uranium mining scandal in Lochniver National Park

Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott has been has mentioned in an illegal uranium mining scandal in the Lochniver National Park a source has told the Zambian Watchdog.

Lochniver National Park is along Monze Namwala road in Southern province.

According to the source, Guy Scot has been linked to a company called Kalahari Investment Limited that claims that it wants to set a Geo-Thermo plant to supply electricity to the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) camp when actually the company is illegally mining uranium.

“How can they say they want to supply electricity to ZAWA camps in the national park when those camps are temporal and are often mobile with simple tents” the source said.

ZAWA Officers are shocked at this as the office has not been involved at any level as well as the traditional leadership is blank.

This has caused a lot of confusion among tour operators as animals have moved out making it difficult for Game viewers due to the works going on in the middle of the Park.

The source said what has however been discovered by some ZAWA officials is that the Geo-thermo Energy is a front of some directors at Lumwana mine.

“Right now, there are over 60 camp tents around Lochniver national-park and you can clearly see these white guys moving in and out” the source said.

Guy Scott’s wife Charllote is a member of ZAWA board.

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