Guy Scott is the president and must be paid and recognised as such

Guy Scott is the president and must be paid and recognised as such

guy 2By Nason Msoni

Guy Scott in all fairness is the acting President of Zambia by reason of the incapacitation of the incumbent Zambian President and therefore must duly be recognized as such and must be paid his dues.

The technicality of this whole deception lies in the public denial of the infirmity by the establishment and yet on the other hand the incumbent President is plainly failing to discharge all of his constitutional duties save for the controversial disputed “muted” swearing-in ceremony of the attorney-general and solicitor-general which by and large was constitutionally rigged.

guyThe challenge and difficulty of openly declaring Guy Scott as the acting President lies in the official adopted and coined mantra of the “President is fit and working” rather than the Republican constitution barring him.

This is rather where the complication and challenge is. The PF government has clearly shown and exhibited a tendency of lawlessness and therefore if it was just the question of the constitution barring Scott that could count for nothing in officially appointing him acting President. Assuming Guy Scott was declared the acting President while the incumbent remains holed-up in state house the next logic question would be why should government be paying allowance to another person for acting when the President is fit and sound? Unless of course he decides to proceed on vocational leave but the question is for how long? On the other hand declaring the President publicly unfit raises more potentially damaging questions and assertions and suspicion about his physical fitness and his immediate ability to continue as President would be questioned? Guy Scott may have weaved his own spider-web of deceit which has finally caught-up with him when he was busy assisting his incapacitated principal peddling all manner of lies and sustaining those lies with more lies on the floor of parliament during the infamous “working holiday” which later was said to include a medical component in Israel.

The treacherous and irresponsible behavior of Guy Scott is largely to blame that he finds himself trapped and doing a combined double Job Rota without any extra corresponding remuneration. On the other hand it is also perfect and proper to confidently say Scott has had the better deal of the Zambian Presidency as literally he has enjoyed the trappings of the top Job internationally representing Zambia than the forever absent incapacitated Zambian President. As the saying goes the smiling cat that ate the cream can only be Guy Scott himself.

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