‘Guy Scott Must go’

This man, Mr Guy Scott, is not supposed to be Vice President of Zambia. This man misrepresented our Country and breached the warm relationship and historical ties that black South Africa has with Zambia. He took the treasure that our Country possesses – the treasure of benevolence towards others, treasure of love and respect for other Nations and peoples that men like KK, Kebby Musokotwane,  and Simon Kapwepwe so worked hard to promote- and threw that treasure into the sly of pigs. One wonders whether he even cares or not.

I waited to see whether this man,  the “Vice  President” would apologize for declaring his deep hatred for the people of South Africa and terming Africa’s biggest economy and most progressive people as backward. He didnt express regret for his extremely outlandish, childish and unzambian remarks. The government of Zambia should not try to clean up his dirt and caloused heart by distancing themselves from his utterences,claiming they were his personal views. He was representing them, and misrepresenting the people of Zambia.

Mr Guy Scott you have brought shame and have recklessly steered troubled waters for the diaspora living in South Africa. You are hot headed, haughty, arrogant and unperturbed by your actions. Therefore you are not fit to be Vice President, so we are await  your INSTANT RESIGNATION as the Second in Command. You hate South Africans, we -Zambians -love our neighbours. So who really are you representing? You said South Africans are backwards, we -Zambians -are proud of their achievements, so who are you speaking for?

Its time for government to start listening and heeding the call of public consensus. When then -Vice President, the great man Nevers Mumba- misrepresented us concerning DRC, he was dismissed and relieved of his duties. Guy Scott has committed a worse sin. Guy Scott in his CAPACITY as Vice President did us a disservice and is insulting us further by not retracting his words and heartfully apologizing to the people of both Nations.

Resign Guy Scot Resign, otherwise we call upon the President of the Republic of Zambia Michael Sata to have you fired.

Sidique Gondwe Geloo
President of the Association of Zambians in Atlanta

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