Guy Scott not amused with PF’s pact with Rupiah Banda

Former Vice President Guy Scott says the working alliance between the ruling PF and the opposition MMD contradicts late President Michael Sata’s vision.

In a wide ranging interview with Journalists during the commemoration of the United States national Day at the residence of US Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz, Dr Scott said there are a number of contradictions about the PF-MMD pact.

Asked whether embracing some former MMD members who were facing corruption charges into the PF, Dr Scott said the pact was hurriedly set up following the death of President Sata and it is bound to have contradictions.

“Some electoral pact with Mr Rupiah Banda was made, some undertakings were made and I was part of that process and I know it took place. The question is how extensive is this new identity between the PF and the MMD?,” Dr Scott questioned.

He added, “So those of us who are not part of the blood stream of this beast are waiting to see, there are bound to be some walking beats on the way, let’s see when we get to a significant point.”

Dr Scott said it is true that some PF MPs are feeling sidelined because of the new alliance with the PF.

“You can’t insist on everything running perfectly and at the same time you can’t tolerate everything going wrongly, there will be some who are not happy with the way things are.”

Dr Scott said some people within the PF are trying to form an accurate assessment of the alliance with the MMD.

The former PF Vice President stated that the PF with the MMD would not have existed if President Sata had not died.

“This pact arose purely out of President Sata’s funeral. Let the MPs complain and when the right time comes for reconciliation or the opposite, it will happen.”

Dr Scott also refused to answer the question about whether the PF has gained popularity or otherwise since Edgar Lungu became President.

“I will give you the answer to that question when the time to answer comes.”

On whether he will stand as MP in 2016 to defend his Lusaka Central Seat as an MP, Dr Scott revealed that his wife Charlotte may stand.

“In 2016, I would stand or my wife will stand. We have invested a lot. I don’t know on which ticket. Nothing is clear or cast in stone,” Dr Scott said.

On his farming activities, Dr Scott said he is enjoying life on farm with his wife and said his farm is doing very well.

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