Guy Scott promises to tar mpongwe roads now that it’s elections time

Vice president Guy Scot says government will tar the Mpongwe Machiya road which is usually impassable during the rainy season.

Dr Scott says the Mpongwe Machiya road is one of the roads that has been earmarked for tarring under the link Zambia project.

The Vice President was speaking this morning when he called on Chief Ndubeni of Mpongwe district on the copperbelt.

The vice president has called on Chieftainess Lesa of Mpongwe district

Dr Scott has also apologized for the late delivery of fertilizer to farmers.

He says the delay was due to the system that the PF government inherited from the previous administration.

Dr Scott however government is working towards improving the distribution of farming inputs

And Chief Ndubeni says the tarring of the Mpongwe Machiya road will ease the transportation of farm produce.

And Chieftainess Lesa says government should distribute fertiliser in good time.

She also says most of the roads in the area are in a deplorable state and urges government to work on them.

The Chieftainess also said Zambeef should ensure that it employs local people.

And Dr Scott says he is impressed with the Maize fields in Mpongwe.

He says government will work with traditional leaders in sorting out problems that affect the agricultural sector in the country.

Dr Scott is in Mpongwe to witness the filling in of nomination paper by PF candidate Gabriel Namulambe ahead of the February 28th by election.

The UPND is fielding Rapson Chilufya while the MMD is fielding former District Commissioner for Mpongwe and Lufwanyama Minerva Mutesa.

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