Guy Scott also rejects running mate clause

Vice President of Zambia Guy Scott has become to second senior person in the ruling Patrotic Front to doubt whether the presidential running mate clause in the new constitution would be realistic in Zambia, according to Zambian Reports publication.

Recently, PF secretary General Wynter Kabimba openly said the his party was against the clause that provides for a presidential running mate in the constitution being made.

The sentiments by the two senior PF officials has attracted the interest of many people in Zambia who believed that the PF as a party in government would support the clause because when they were in the opposition, they suported the clause in previous contitution making processes.

Dr Scott was speaking in Livingstone when he was being interviewed on a local radio station called Mosi-oa-Tunya Radio.

He insisted that his comments were personal and not the stance of the PF and government, but many callers into the programme asked him how he expected other party members and government officials to agree with him.

“We are not forcing people on clauses in the first draft constitution. I have my doubts on the presidential running mate clause. We want people to look at the draft constitution and decide what they want. Ultimately as a country, we want a constitution which will stand a test of time,” he said.

And Dr Scott has said it is the prerogative of the President Sata to appoint a minister that should act as President when he was out of the country.

This was after Dr Scott was asked why President Sata has never left him with the instruments of power each time the head of state was out of the country.

Dr Scott is more of a ceremonial vice president because President Sata opts to delegate presidential powers to other members of cabinet each time there was need to delegate.

Under the current constitution, Dr Scott is not eligible to as as President or contest an election for President of Zambia because his parents are of foreign origin.

This is why Sata does not delegate presidential powers to Dr Scott because there could be a crisis in case Sata is incapacitated.

During public or state events, the protocol is that PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba, who has no role in government is second man to be recognised after President Sata and Dr Scott follows in third position.

On the parentage clause in the constution, Dr Scott said he was an interested party because he was a Zambia of Biritish origin and he wants the current constitution changed so that people like him can be able to contest an election as President of Zambia.

Dr Scott was in Livingstone to campaign for the forthcoming Livingstone central parliamnetary by-election slated for July 5.

During a public rally, Dr Scott dished out K13 million (about US$2,600) to Livingstone mekteers for the construction of an ablution block, saying there was nothing wrong with such a gesture since official campaigns had not started yet.

But earlier, he castigated opposition United Party for National Development leader Hakainde Hichilema who he accused of bribing voters. Hakainde was in the same area to to campaign.

Zambian Reports

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