Gwembe council deposits fake notes in bank

Police in Gwembe are investigating the source of K50, 000 counterfeit notes that are in circulation in Munyumbwe area.

This follows the detection of fake K50, 000 notes by a named bank that received cash deposits from the Gwembe District Council last week.

Assistant Council Treasurer, Desmond Chifuwe told police in Gwembe that the council received nine fake K50, 000 notes as payment for levy at the Munyumbwe checkpoint amounting to K450, 000.

ZANIS reports that the fake notes were among the money collected at the barrier from un-identified sources.

A named council accountant was almost arrested when he tried to deposit the money at the bank.

The officer explained to bank officials that the accounts department was not able to detect the fake notes.

Another two K50, 000 notes were also detected at a named shop in Munyumbwe.

The shopkeeper could, however, not trace the customer who cashed the counterfeit notes amounting to K100, 000 as the fake money was detected long after the shop had closed to customers.

Police are on the ground trying to trace the source of counterfeit notes and no arrests have been made so far.

Police in Gwembe have since advised the community to be on the lookout for the fake currency that is in circulation and help trace its source.

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