Gwembe district runs out of food

Bbondo ward councillor in Gwembe district, Patrick Hanjeme, has appealed to government to consider selling maize to people in the ward through the Food Reserve Agency in order to curb the hunger situation being experienced.

Speaking in an interview yesterday with ZANIS, Mr Hanjeme said people in his ward were faced with a serious hunger situation that needed immediate attention before any loss of life was experienced.

He said people had resorted to feeding on wild fruits called ‘meso ampongo’ and cipama which were not good enough for their health.

Mr Hanjeme said it was unfortunate that the rainfall pattern in the area was very poor and was likely to adversely affect crop performance among small scale farmers which would result into continuous hunger.

He observed that the maize crop planted during the 2009/2010 farming season was already getting dry and the fertilizer applied had started going to waste.

The councillor added that some individuals who had maize for sale in the ward were selling it at an exorbitant price for ordinery members ofsociety to afford.

He said that FRA was still keeping some maize in their shed at Bbondo which would help avert the hunger situation if government was to intervene.


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