Hackers take over Stanchart graduate programme

Hackers take over Stanchart graduate programme

Standard Chartered Bank Zambia claims that its International Graduate Programme project has been taken over by cyber criminals.

Standard Chartered Bank across the world runs an 18-month long program in which selected graduates are immersed in the operations of the bank and often secure a job within the bank at the end of the program.

In Zambia, Standard chartered also runs what it calls ‘the Formal Internship Programme’ for selected final year university students. Students on the Internship programme often progress to the ‘International Graduate Programme’.

But the 2019 programme in Zambia has been suspended after hackers allegedly seized the bank’s website dedicated to the programme.

According to people close to the programme, when hackers took over the website, they started charging graduates application fees when it is supposed to be free. Standard Chartered Bank is expected to issue a disclaimer anytime disowning the programme. In the disclaimer, the bank will claim that it is the criminals not the bank that is charging for application fees and therefore the bank won’t be held liable. It is not yet known how many graduates have been scammed but this being an international program open to anyone in the world, the number could run in to hundreds of thousands.

The Formal Internship Programme was scheduled to take place in June while the
Bank’s International Graduate Programme was set for September.

If Standard Chartered can be so porous as to allow hackers to seize its job websites, how safe are depositors’ money?

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