Halaal food in Christian nation



May I Know The Truth If Really This is a christian nation.

My Concern is on the food we buy and eat. Most of this food is HALAAL.

Halaal food is the food prepared according to islamic laws and sacrifices. E.g on animal slaughtering, certain enchantments are said on that animal dedicating it to the god of islam which we dont worship.

First Of all Know That Moslems Dont Eat Food Prepared By Any None Moslems But Believers Do. Rev 2:14-16 Warns us not to It food offered to other gods but we seem not to obey this. My appeal to our leaders to give the 5% moslems in zambia their equal percentage on all food products and leave us the rest with non halaal. check products like zambia sugar, super maheu, ama sip sip, country chicken, crest chicken, seba foods, yoyo food, blue band margarine etc. Look at butcheries and take aways many of them are written ” STRICTLY HALAAL” But Can A Christian Do this In Iran, Kuwait Or Saudi Arabia? Why Are We Allowing This Even When Our Bible Is Not Permiting us? Zambia Arise.

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