Halaal food in Christian nation



May I Know The Truth If Really This is a christian nation.

My Concern is on the food we buy and eat. Most of this food is HALAAL.

Halaal food is the food prepared according to islamic laws and sacrifices. E.g on animal slaughtering, certain enchantments are said on that animal dedicating it to the god of islam which we dont worship.

First Of all Know That Moslems Dont Eat Food Prepared By Any None Moslems But Believers Do. Rev 2:14-16 Warns us not to It food offered to other gods but we seem not to obey this. My appeal to our leaders to give the 5% moslems in zambia their equal percentage on all food products and leave us the rest with non halaal. check products like zambia sugar, super maheu, ama sip sip, country chicken, crest chicken, seba foods, yoyo food, blue band margarine etc. Look at butcheries and take aways many of them are written ” STRICTLY HALAAL” But Can A Christian Do this In Iran, Kuwait Or Saudi Arabia? Why Are We Allowing This Even When Our Bible Is Not Permiting us? Zambia Arise.


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    KELVIN 3 months


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      Kelvin you are right! In Rome there was a pagan religion called mithraIsm which was worshiping a pagan God called mIthras who was a God incarnate in flesh, saviour from sin, and he was born 25 December, had 12 disciples, was crucified after 3 days he rose, blood human sacrifice is salvation, he was second in position in trinity arrangement of a God head,..So what Romans did when compiling Newtestament or Christianity was that, they replaced pagan names with biblical terms, so mithras became Jesus but same story. Pagan Trinity remains. Salvation of blood remain. 18yrs of real yeshua’s life in bible was destroyed or hidden from people to archive this agenda. That’s why in New testament bible life of yeshua from birth to 12yrs is there, from 12-30yrs is not there, then from 30-33yrs it’s there, why have they hidden life of real yeshua of 18yrs? So Christianity is customised paganism, with pagan doctrines which came from roman paganism and not from mouth of yeshua.

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    You can only criticize what you know! Criticizing what you don’t know, is ignorance! Arabic speaking Christians at Coptic hospital behind manda hill will explain to you that what is in Islam and meaning of what they say when killing animals for food is actually in the bible. You will discover that interpreting Arabic language used in Islam to English in bibles, everything said in Islam is actually in the bibles. The word “Allah” is in every Christian Arabic bibles in places where the English word for “God” Is located. Meaning in Arabic language, Allah means God. The French bible has the word “deu” for God. Meaning Deu means God. Why don’t people say French are worshiping another God? Then when killing an animal Moslems say “there is non worth of worship other than Allah” this is the first commandment in bibles only expressed in Arabic language. And Deuteronomy 6:4 says same thing “hear all Israel our Lord God is one God”. It’s out of this ignorance that Westerners feel Islam is a challenge to Christianity that have taken advantage of language barrier to teach people that Islam worship a different God, while contradicting themselves by using the name “Allah” in Arabic Christian bibles.

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      Christians always shout “alleluyah” this word in ancient Aramaic language used by yeshua means “allah be praised” or “God be praised”. Then judaism & islam has same concept/description of nature of God just as in torah and tulmud so is in quoran! Concept of god in christianity adds “trinity” , “incarnate god in flesh” these are unscriptural or not found in bible, (but conclusions or personal funcies )criterias of God. So christian god is unbiblical. So christians who think moslems & jews have a different God, they are mistaken its their god which is different through the unbiblical attributes like “trinity”..etc they have attached to their god. In short its christianity which calls upon another god whom Abraham and all prophets of God had no idea about a trinity god. The coming of yeshua never changed the nature of God. God remains the same its christians who have changed their god to include trinity babylon concepts of ancient pagan roman gods which are in hinduism too. Trinity is NOT the God of Abraham and Abraham never knew anything about trinity.

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      Proof of this is that the declaration of faith of Christianity is not in bibles, for example “accept Jesus as God and personal saviour from sin” there is no verse in bible where yeshua told people this phrase! This came about by forging Isaiah 59:20 to roman 11:26, (is redeemer coming to save people from sin or coming to those who have avoided sin? Is redeemer coming to Zion or out of Zion?) in order to accommodate the belief Roman pagans had about their God called mithras and now renamed Jesus. From this forgery they created a testament of a saviour from sin! The prophesied New covenant in old testament is about laws jeremiah 31:30-34, it’s not about a saviour from sin!. This new testament bible is actually forgery itself.

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    Ba Mukonboni 3 months

    Wise words,for this reason I only buy from shops where I see no Muslims or dress wearing men and pay particular attention to the funny writing on the packages

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      Ba Mukonboni! Kindly try to research! There is nothing wrong in saying “non is worth of worship other than one God” when killing an animal in name of God. Then if you love jesus, u shud also do what jesus used to do! Moslems dress like jesus and his mother used to dress, moslems greet with shalom same as salaam jesus used to greet, moslems fast for 30 days as jesus used to fasted 40days, moslems worship only one God as jesus worship only one God and not a trinity god, moslems are required to circumcise upon reaching 12yrs, jesus was circuncised at 12yrs, no christian church does this! Therefore, the moslems you avoid and hate are real followers of yeshua than those christians who shout on the lips that they love jesus! Moslems are actually the true christians than christians themselves in this sence.

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        pineapple 3 months

        We are waiting for someone to respond, those with knowledge