Hallucinations of the day by Antonio Mwanza


Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza has hallucinated that Zambians must praise President Edgar Lungu for constructing the nonexistent Batoka hydro power station. There is no Batoka power station that has been constructed. It remains a plan on paper dating back to the Kaunda days and is planned to be built jointly between Zambia and Zimbabwe at a cost of over 2 billion US dollars.
Mwanza was speaking when he featured on United Voice Radio on Wednesday morning and further claimed that the PF government has built the Maamba Coal power station. Maamba power station is a private company that sells its electricity to ZESCO.
‘President Lungu has built the Batoka Hydro Power Station and Maamba coal power and needs to be praised for that while he is still alive.’ Mwanza claimed.
Mwanza further claimed that the PF led government has put up a cashew processing factory in Western Province.
‘As PF we have put up a cashew processing factory in Western Province,’ Mwanza claimed.
However there is no cashew factory that government has constructed in Western Province.

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