Hamasaka released on police bond, may face more trumped-up charges

After failing to find any materials defaming Zambian dictator president Michael Sata, failing to find any seditious materials, a combined team of Zambian security forces have now cooked up the charge of being in possession of an obscene picture against ex-Evelyn Hone College Head of Media studies Clayson Hamasaka.

Some two weeks ago Zambian security wings raided homes of journalists Mr. Hamasaka and Thomas Zyambo in the early hours claiming to be looking for drugs, later changed to documents relating to defamation of the president, then seditious materials and now anything they can come up with.

Mr. Hamasaka and Zyambo are suspected of contributing articles to the Zambianwatchdog, that normally exposes the PF government corruption in a country where all the main media outlets are now controlled by government including the once independent Post newspaper that is now an ally of the current PF government and president Sata.

Mr. Hamasaka was formally arrested last evening and later released on police bond and will appear in court on 12th August on the latest charge of being in possession of an obscene material purportedly found on his laptop.

The security wings seized various equipments two weeks ago from his house including laptops, mobile phones, flash disks and audio and video CDs which they have been keeping all this time.

All attempts to retrieve the items have so far been denied and it is not clear at what stage they found the obscene material as the forensic checks in his equipment was done without his presence or lawyers.

Mr. Hamasaka was night arrested and charged even without being shown the so-called obscene material that was found in the laptop.

Security officials are now demanding for his passport and two working sureties as part of his bond conditions while other charges are likely to be slapped on them with a view to completely cripple them.

In what is the hatred of the worst kind, Mr. Hamasaka was removed from his government job after he featured an opposition party leader and a week later his wife had her contract terminated from another government institution and is now going through daily police harassment.

In what is clear reversal of democratic gains in Zambia, opposition political parties and civil society organisations are banned from holding public rallies using the archaic and colonial Public Order Act.

Critical websites like the Zambianwatchdog has been blocked using the Chinese government technology in a Zambian government that has now only made friends with countries like North-Korea, Cuba, Iran, and Sudan’s republic under Lieutenant General Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir and of course China.

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