Hamasaka reports Ephraim Shakafuswa to police

Hamasaka reports Ephraim Shakafuswa to police

12963644_1135634693153946_1756187647446954280_nClayson Hamasaka writes:

I have lodged a formal complaint against Ephraim Shakafuswa at Woodlands Police Station regarding the letter he allegedly wrote to the Inspector General of the Police implicating me in some clandestine UPND groupings and meetings he has accused of seeking to destabilise the country.

I have been advised on the necessary processes to follow to make sure it is on record that I am not aware of the existence of such a group, nor have I attended any such meetings at any place.

Seeing the letter circulating on social media my prayer is that Ephraim Shakafuswa has actually delivered it, if he is in fact the author.

Since he claims to have the document, I look forward to looking at it with my names and authentic signature on it.

As a matter of fact, I have never been in any planning meetings with a number of the people mentioned by Ephraim Shakafuswa.

In fact, the first time I met Madam Chamaine Pule was yesterday when we were reporting Jonas Shakafuswa to the police for threatening violence.

As a responsible and law abiding citizen, I would never have waited this long to report such a serious grouping to the law enforcement agencies if I was aware of it.

The facts would appear to suggest that Ephraim is presenting false information to public officers (the police), which is a crime in itself.

Other than the steps I have been advised to take by the police, I have also requested my lawyers to seriously study the matter with a view to seek justice and clear my name.

The mugshot of Shakafuswa was placed by the police in all newspapers a few ago when he committed other crimes

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