Hamiyanze’ statement on arrest of HH – word for word

opper hamiyanze <hamiyanzeopper@yahoo.com>

19:52 (0 minutes ago)

to editor

Hakainde is being arrested for the passed irresponsible and reckless words he used against President Sata and other people in goverment. Hichilema has been careless in his talk by not taking into account the credibility of the Head of State and Government.

President Sata has the duty to protect Zambia from economic subortage some of created… by Hakainde Hichilema during Previtization where Mr Hakainde was surpose to put the job security of our people first.

We have donnors that have put trust in this goverment thus reckless statement can scare away the investors there by create joblessness which the PF government has made struggled to ensure our people gets back to work and get decent wages.

Suprisingly we have notice in Zambia there are less beggars in our streets an indication that the economy is boosting and growing. each one is running up and about doing something.

Mr. Hakainde by should have started supporting good policies because what President Sata is doing laying a firm foundation for the future leadership.

Therefore, there is purely no pessecution whatsover on anyone. Let us go out there and help bulding our nation both in our talk and deeds.

Opper Hamiyanze

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