Hamududu flees his home town

Hamududu flees his home town

Former UPND MP for Bweengwa constituency Highvie Hamududu has fled his home town, Monze.

Two days ago Hamududu, with financing from Edgar Lungu, formed a party he calls PNU.
But just after announcing the launch of the PF project, Hamududu hurriedly relocated his family from Monze where they had been staying to a house in Lusaka rented for him by State House. Bweengwa constituency is in Monze.

During the launch of PNU, a wing of the PF, Hamududu bribed each journalist who attended the press conference with K250 so as to cover him positively. But the Watchdog knows that Hamududu has been broke from the time he was rejected as MP and has been asking serving MPs for fuel. The Watchdog will shortly publish Hamududu’s bank statements to show how ‘red’ they had been from the time he left parliament. The question therefore arises: where did he suddenly get the money to bribe journalists with K250 each? The answer is very obvious.

And during a radio show yesterday, Hamududu admitted that he is willing to meet Edgar Lungu and does not have to wait for 2021. Of course, you have to meet the boss to give progress reports otherwise funding will be withheld.

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