Hamukale says SP overwhelmed with dull workers from north

Hamukale says SP overwhelmed with dull workers from north

Southern Province Minister Dr. Edify Hamukale has castigated senior government human resources officers at the Provincial Administration for failure to deliver on their duties.

Addressing the media in Choma Thursday morning during an Epidemic Preparedness briefing, Hamukale noted that the Human Resources Department has the tendancy of employing dull and lazy individuals who fail to perform ther duties.

Our Staffer Nandi Nthani reports that the Minister has charged that Southern Province is overwhelmed with dull civil servants who are related in one way or another to some top authorities all in the name of being connected.

Hamukale says he has noted that the majority of the civil servants in Southern Province are imported from other regions.

He has since warned that those in a habit of employing individuals using corrupt means will be dealt with immediately.

He adds that corruption weakens the financial stability of institutions and has the potential to damage the economy of the country.

Hamukale further singled out two civil servants from Choma and Livingstone for disciplinery action for misconducting themselves in the course of executing their duties.

(Source: Byta FM)

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