Handover power now, Phiri urges Lungu

Handover power now, Phiri urges Lungu

Press Statement

We welcome you all to this short but important press conference.

We wish to categorically state here that at the moment we need unity of purpose, we need peace and tranquillity to maintain unity and national cohesion.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Young people, Zambia has experianced peaceful transition from time in memerial, we remember in 1991 Kaunda to Chiluba, in 2011 Ruphia Banda to Micheal Sata. This time around it should not be a problem.

We call upon the political players to be concious and magnanous and swallow the pride and follow the will and wishes of the people. The people’s choice is the people’s choice.

The People’s Intiative Charter, PIC has been involved in the electoral process. We believe an election is a process and not an event.

The 12th August election is historical as the people voice has been heard. With the over 74 seats won by UPND their is no hope for the PF to turn the results around.

As official monitors of the 2021 elections in all the 10 provinces we wish to thank our monitors for the job well done. We therefore wish to annouce that the election was moderately free and fair with pockets of violence in north western province, where deaths was recorded but we leave that to the law enforcement to deal with the case.

We thank the people for turning up in large numbers of over 78% of the the voter turn out. Thank you to the millenials who voted of over 53%.

We call upon ECZ not to further delay the annoucement of the polls, the whole world is watching.

The duty and role of the ECZ is to manage the elections and annouce the results.

We call upon ECZ to ensure that the winner is annouced within 72 hours.

We are aware of under hand methods which were to be used to manipulate the vote but all failed because you can not take the people for granted. A press briefing shall be called to expose this ploy.

We therefore, thank the galant citizens to refuse to be used by politicians.

As we transition into a new government, we are confident that the new President should ensure to unite the country, move the transformative economic agenda and ensure we reclaimour lost glory as a coutry.

We thank you and God bless.

Cleophas j.n phiri
Executive Chairperson
People’s Initiative Charter

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