Handyman workers not paid

Non Payment of Salaries by Handymans Lime Limited.

Please ba Watchdog would please post this for us so that the owners or management can address us when the are going to pay us our June salaries.
No one has addressed us when our June month end salaries will be paid, July is also coming to the end. Does it mean the will give us 2 months salary and when are the going to pay us that money? We have families to look after and rentals to pay, how do we survive if the company is not pay our salaries?We have borrowed from different people, so we can not borrow anymore because we have not paid these monies. Some people got loans and banks are charging them interest on the over drawn account for loan payments,will the company compensate them?
People can not just be waiting for a day the do not even know the will be paid, HR department is very incompetente the don’t even write Memo’s to inform the employees that salaries will be late.
The company has breached our contracts agreement and The Employment Act of Zambia, if an employee does not report for work for 10 days the get fired by most companies but why are companies not penalized by government through the labour office if such happens? And this action has been taken because most companies are taking advantage of the high unemployment levels in the country.
We are appealing to the government through the labour ministery to intervene,so that we can be addressed and be paid our salaries.

Suffering Handymans Lime Employees

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