Happenings at University Teaching Hospital

Happenings at University Teaching Hospital

Happenings at University Teaching Hospital

The Editor,
Zambian Watchdog

Dear Sir/ Madam,

The reference above refers,

kindly help me reveal the sad happening at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka. The UTH main Hospital and cancer diseases hospitals have been running for months without CT Scan machines which have broken down and thereby compromising the delivery of health services to the people.

When the CT scan machine broke down at UTH Main hospital, the hospital staff started referring all the patients requiring the service to the cancer disease hospital but this caused a lot of pressure to the facility to the CT scan facility at the cance disease hospital and as a result it also broke down a month ago and the problem still not been resolved. Arising from this problem, all the patients requiring the use of a CT scan Machine at UTH main hospital are at the moment being reffered to the facility at Levy General hospital which is far from UTH.

however in as much as patients from UTH main hospital are being reffered to Levy Mwanawasa hospital, this does not apply to patients at the Cancer disease hospital who have been deprived of the services offered by the CT scan after it broke down because their case is different. For cancer patients a CT scan machine is critical in the delivery of cancer treatment and it is required to be functional all the time. the CT scan is usually connected to the simulator or radiotherappy in the treatment of cancer so it is really a disaster when it breaks down as is the case.

the following are some of the ways in which a CT scan is used in cancer;

1. To help diagnose the presence of a tumour

2. To detect abnormal growths

3. To provide information on the stage of cancer

4. To determine where to exactly perform a biopsy procedure

5. To guide when providing certain local treatments like cryotherapy, radiofrequency ablation and implantation of radioactive seeds
6. To determine whether cancer is responding to treatment.

You will note from the above that the situation is not good and you wonder why the problem has not been looked in to.

Kind regards


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