Happenings in the country show that Sata wants one-party state – Bishop Chihana

Happenings in the country show that Sata wants one-party state – Bishop Chihana

The Assertions that the PF government under President Michael Sata wants a one party state are not from without but there are  numerous happenings that bear witness  regarding governance and the freedoms the people.

Therefore, It wouldn’t be proper for the Head of State to shun, pretend or ignore that nothing is happening that is threatening the freedoms of the citizens, scaring the foreign investors of what might happen next to them or to the nation, and also how the opposition parties are being maligned as though they exist illegally.

Whilst we appreciate the spirit of promoting the image of citizenry, whereby citizens cannot feel intimidated and inferior from our so called foreign investors, it is also prudent that government must be extremely mindful about how they issue deportation orders to the deemed law breakers.

We are extremely concerned in the manner the police have been handling the Public Order Act on its citizens particularly the opposition political parties. We wonder whether what has been happening is an oversight or deliberate moves by the police to curtail the opposition parties.

When we are seeing how the police have been brutalizing the members of opposition parties, arresting them on unfounded grounds, and also denying them permits to assemble. The opposition are being denied their freedom of association and right to assemble so that together they can address the nation on various issues of their concern.

Our president together with his leadership must remember and never forget that before they came into power, they started campaigning and addressing the Zambian people through the public rallies from day one of each year that came by to the time of the elections.

Our other great and heart searching concern that has become so clear, is about members of parliament of the opposition, how some of them are being enticed to defect from the party they belong to such as MMD to the ruling party. If the allegations are true that the PF party and its government is determined to cause such defections and divisions.

If the entire above are true, then are we left with nothing but to arrive and conclude that the ASSERTIONS THAT PRSIDENT WANTS TO CREATE A ONE PARTY STATE IS TRUE WITH PROPER CALCULATED MOVES

It’s in this vein that as one in the Church and others cannot just look and watch freedom being taken away at such a fast rate.

We do not understand how the president finds it easy to court the MMD MPs to work in his government without having a cordial relationship with its party president Nevers Mumba and further some even leaving its party and defect to PF even if these are called politics of poverty but morality must prevail. These are creating unnecessary and unwarranted by-elections, all because of one man’s stomach and the rest to suffer because then funds are diverted to the same which were meant for developmental programes.

The failure by the President to get consent or consult with his fellow political party presidents in getting some MPs to work within government as ministers, is like a well to do family man who gets his poor neighbour;s children to help him with some work in his house disregarding the father of those children and in fact doesn’t even talk with him. How shall the father to those children feel? and possibly even ask them to forsake their parent because he has bread to give them.

Our democracy which we fought for must be protected by all Zambians that love peace and unity in diversity.

Today the PF government is in power because of the democracy we desire and the liberties that were laid in 1991 which our President was part of in making and therefore it would be very unfortunate if today President broke it with his own hands than making it better. And if he knows the Public Order Act is not helpful to the liberties of its citizens, then he must be the champion to change it, but if he is enjoying the Act to oppress others, he shall surely embrace it to his advantage though the interpretation is misused and abused.

What we don’t want to see is history repeating itself in Zambia, where we had three major political parties in the time of Dr. Kaunda leadership, UNIP as the ruling party and in the opposition we had African Congress Party – ANC and United Progressive Party – UPP. These two parties as effective as they could have been all went into oblivion without seats in parliament due to oppressiveness of the Kaunda regime. ANC was led by a Tonga man like UPND and UPP by a Bemba man like MMD.








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