Happy dependence Zambia

* Having a Health sector funded and controlled by donors who impose their medical (poison) agenda, creating disease and selling the cure and we line up for it
* Having the richest mineral resources but failing to manage them and instead handing them over to Chinese, Canadians, Americans and others and having to import our own minerals in form of copper wire, etc.
* Having an Agricultural sector where the hardest working peasants are the least appreciated and commercial farming is for a few who include a large number of foreigners and having malls importing chips and tomatoes from South Africa
* Having an economy literally run and owned by Lebanese, Chinesese, Somalians, Britons, South Africans and others right from the banks all the way down to market stands
* Having a Tourism industry run by foreigners to a point where Mosi-O-atunya (thats Victoria Falls to you) is a South African tourist attraction and an honor to Victoria, our colonialist.
* Having a Chinese owned Public Broadcaster (now that one is just out of this world, so amazing!)
* Having a food and alcohol industry that sells you disease and not food and gets awarded at the show by a smiling Minister of Health
* Having a Christian nation so focused on money, treachery, division and devilism and hypocrisy seems to manifest more than than the big words of the religious merchants who have ATM’s in Synagogues
* Having large water and natural resources and still having the larger majority of our people without access to energy, clean water and sanitation
* Having the name of Africans and still having to idolise white people and foreign cultures, religions, fashion and lifestyles and sustaining the foreign beauty and cosmetics industry
* Having a Land policy and traditional set up that allows for humongous pieces of land to be awarded to foreigners without control measures
* Having a large number of academically qualified young and old people and still falling to manage a country of 15 million people (By the way are we able to manifacture toothpicks now or its still a draft in the National Development Plan ku Ministry?)
* Having a population that has the freedom to just leave things the way they are and say “Hey, what the heck, ifintu filifye bwino…..
Now let’s all go to the Chinese shops in Kamwala and get the Zambian flags and regalia from Beijing! (Alo abena Kabwe, inchito shili shani uko ku Mulungushi Textiles??)…


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