Hapunda collected more money from Lebanon on behalf of Lungu

Hapunda collected more money from Lebanon on behalf of Lungu

hapundaDisgraced conman Brian Hapunda is being investigated for collecting undisclosed US Dollars from Lebanon in the name of President Edgar Lungu, the Watchdog understands.

Hapunda was dismissed as PF media director Monday but no reason was given for his dismissal.

A source told the Watchdog that ‘last week, Hapunda went on a private visit to Lebanon with a named Lebanese businessman in Zambia and he is again said to have collected millions “on behalf of President Edgar Lungu”. When the matter came to light, President Lungu is said to have been infuriated and said “balabekata nombaline ba Hapunda”. (They will soon arrest Hapunda).

According to sources, Hapunda is the one who leaked the story published in the Post newspaper where he was explaining where he took money donated for the PF during the campaigns. Sources say Hapunda leaked the letter to the Post as he knew he was about to be fired so he made a preemptive move so that he can look like the victim.

Other sources say Lungu is just angry because Hapunda did not give him a big commission but instead used the money to by properties in Lusaka. The Watchdog has been consistently reporting that Lungu encourages his assistants to obtain money from businessmen but give him a ‘cut’ (cashing). That is how Kaizer Zulu survives from his massive corruption. He shares the loot with the president. Hapunda also collected money from Zesco and other companies but it is not clear if he shared with Lungu or kept it for himself.

During the reign of late president Michael Sata, Hapunda was was fired and later arrested for a similar offence. But after Sata died and Lungu became president, the PF withdrew the case against Hapunda in the Livingstone Magistrate of theft, impersonation and obtaining money by false pretences. If the PF did not withdraw the case, Hapunda was most likely going to be jailed as there was overwhelming evidence against him.

But even in this case, Hapunda might not be arrested as Lungu fears that the truth would come out.

Hapunda rose to criminal prominence when he was expelled from the University of Zambia for using leakages in the exams.

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