Hapunda tells off Kambwili for rejecting Dora Siliya

Hapunda tells off Kambwili for rejecting Dora Siliya

PF media director Brian Hapunda says PF members must not fear new members that are joining because the party stands to benefit from them, this is in sharp contrast to information minister Chishimba Kambwili who has openly refused to welcome former Petauke MMD parliamentarian Dora Siliya to the PF.

Siliya recently joined the PF but Kambwili said she was not welcome until she apologises for insulting late President Michael Sata whose leadership she described as being worse than the South African Xenophobia. But Hapunda, whose comments have blessings of President Edgar Lungu has told the media that PF was like a big house with many bedrooms where everyone was welcome.

The information minister who is also PF national youth chairman argues that new comers to the PF must respect founder members who suffered a great deal for the party. He said president sata particularly suffered very much just for the PF to be in power and that people like Siliya when she was a minister in the then ruling MMD were always insulting the late leader and other founder members but now want to come and enjoy because the party is in power.

During the 2011 election campaigns Siliya accused President Sata of advancing homosexuality. Siliya also said Sata’s foul language was because the man was not born of human beings and was a shameless old man who enjoyed insulting women.

In spite of resistance from the people of Petauke constituency, Siliya who has the backing of former President Rupiah Banda is likely to be imposed by the PF in the forthcoming parliamentary by election and appointed into cabinet if she wins.

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