Hapunda was expelled from UNZA for leakages

Hapunda was expelled from UNZA for leakages


I have always followed the thinking of young Hapunda and this always makes me laugh each time he opens his mouth. For those that may not know the young man when we where at Unza young Hapunda was our Unzasu Secretary General in 2008.

He was in the Law school (fourth year at the time)and because he is a habitual lie and a pretender he went into the exam room (the sports hall) with pre-written material and as the exam progressed he was actually caught coping (by unza brown) that is how he was ejected from the exam room (like a VCD) and expelled from Unza.

That is how he later found himself at Cavendish and that is were he completed from.
My question therefore is; who is more of a disgrace between Mr Sakala and Hapunda? If Hapunda is not a poverty stricken young man and a scavenger let him tell the nation where he was and belonged at a time PF was being formed? When did he join PF and for what reasons? How did he get the job that he currently has and under what circumstance?

Former schoolmate

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