Trauma of studying in Algeria on Zambian bursary

Firstly let me mention that students on scholarships abroad have not been paid their allowances yet. I heard of the confusion in Russia and I was reminded of our situation as Zambians in Algeria. I know certainly that many people in Zambia don’t even know there are government scholarships to Algeria. Unlike Russia and other places where students are sent I have understood that the Algerian scholarship is not a scholarship but an IDEA OF A SCHOLARSHIP (AMATEUR SCHOLARSHIP). I believe that a scholarship must be organized and based on true understanding between the 2 governments involved. By not having an embassy here things are made worse. From my calculation of intakes in Algeria one can estimate at least more than 150 students. I may not have real evidence of good lives for students in other places but with the information I already have I can conclude that Algeria is the worst and nearly every student who is here can say the same thing. Senior students will tell you that you should not complain because things are a lot better and your heart wants to shut down because when you think of the things you are going through and someone is telling you this is better you can only wonder what they had to go through. And truly when you hear of what they had to go through you can only wonder why bursaries committee(govt) would allow such things to happen. They had to be detained at the airport for 10 hours-no water, no food- because the document bursaries committee gave them to enter Algeria was refused at the airport. Bear in mind that unlike students of other countries who travel in the company of a govt officer, we are made to travel alone with no one but senior students to receive us. And it is these senior students who fought to say the future students should be coming with individual visas.  This AMATEUR scholarship is so disorganized that when you get here its like you came here on you own. It’s like being dumped. I believe we have all asked the question-HOW THE HELL DID I END UP HERE-PF ALL PLACES SHUWA? We are told we will be received by Algerian officials but no one is there, senior students have to organize rooms themselves for the new student. They also have to organize transport for students to go to the town they will do French language.
Then I wonder why bursaries committee wastes so much time making us apply for courses that we are not even allowed to study when we get here. When they make the equivalencies of our results into the Algerian system( a cumbersome process) you realize it is pointless for us to have applied for home before this process. And then the Algerians start giving you problems, they process our papers late we end up missing lessons for weeks, sometimes months. Having missed lessons and continuous assessment tests which make part of the annual general marks it is certain we wont pass this year. Every year 1st year students start school late and about a third of them fail the first year. Does our government(bursaries committee) even take interest in the affairs of us students here. The Algerian government doesn’t even accept out GCE certificates imagine. They don’t know that the statement of results is the same as the certificate. And senior students will tell you it’s normal to start school late, and that you just have to start reading even if you are not enrolled into university. But this should not be normal. Why should we start school later than the Algerian students.
And truth is that I have actually contemplated suicide many times because the pressure is too much. Imagine failing a school year not because you are dull but because you cannot get in school on time. I dont blame those that actually attempted- oh yes Zambians have attempted suicide in Algeria. And some have run mad and returned home (PSYCHIATRIC SHUTDOWN). Some of us plan our dreams and future and the we get on these scholarships pursuing those dreams and hence finding ourselves in such disorganized situations is heart breaking.
Parents please don’t send your children blindly to Algeria or any other places for that matter. Don’t be deceived by the fact that you wont be paying your childs fees, because your child may end up hanging himself or going insane. I was surprised when we came and the seniors told us that they we were not supposed to come and that they had told bursaries not to send students because the problems were too many in Algeria. I remember I thought they were selfish. But now I know that it’s not ok for things to be this way. Someone needs to fix this. Bursaries you had better do something. Which reminds me that people came from bursaries last month to come to meet with the Algerians. But considering we are going through the same problems they say they came to fix one if left to wonder whether it was one of those trips wasting government resources.
Of course after going through all these problems eventually we may settle down but the damage would have been done. I won’t get back the year I fail because someone couldn’t do his job right and because my government didn’t care to have a well organized system, allowing students to perform. You have no idea how hard it is to study under any of these circumstances care to have a well organized system, allowing students to perform. You have no idea how hard it is to study under any of these circumstances. And on top of that government fails to pay us allowances. Its just shameful. I say this and iam done. The pain is too much here, school should not be this painful. I am glad I was born to parents who want the best for their children, they are expecting me home and I am going to pick my baggage and not look back.
My advice to those who are sending their children here this year please go to bursaries and let them explain to you exactly what they are planning for them because this is about your children’s futures. Think twice before you sell them off to the unknown. And if bursaries does make any promises hold them accountable for anything they do not fulfill. You and I are better off at UNZA,RUSSIA or anywhere else but Algeria until things change.
Now you know-COME TO ALGERIA AT OWN RISK AND DEAL WITH WHAT YOU FIND. I could have given my breath to have this info before making that mistake.


Your loving concerned brother and son.

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