Harrington demands tribunal on Masebo’s ZAWA breaches

Harrington demands tribunal on Masebo’s ZAWA breaches

copy 1Former Communications minister William Harrington has called for an immediate set-up of a tribunal to investigate Tourism minister Sylvia Masebo.

According to a letter Harrington wrote to Masebo on Monday, January 14, 2013, the tribunal should investigate five allegations which include Masebo’s breach of the Public Procurement Agency Act by interfering in the tender process when she cancelled duly awarded concession licenses by ZAWA .

The tribunal should also investigate Masebo for alleged abuse of office, breach of the ZAWA Act and when she fired top ZAWA management which legally should have been done by the ZAWA board.

Harrington further said that the tribunal should investigate Masebo’s pronouncements that foreign aircrafts are entering the Zambian airspace undetected to lift animals in breach of national security.

He said the tribunal should also investigate Masebo’s allegations of corruption in the ZAWA in relations to handling of hunting licences.

Harrington told Masebo in the letter that the tribunal will accord her a chance to expose the corruption she talked about in ZAWA and give those accused a chance to defend themselves.

He said the tribunal will give Masebo a chance to justify and defend her actions.

He said the tribunal will put an end to the accusations and counter-accusations running in the media on the events in ZAWA.copy 2

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