Harrington to challenge Masebo’s Tribunal findings in High Court

Harrington to challenge  Masebo’s Tribunal findings in High Court

Masebo and Guy Scott

Heart to heart: Guy Scott and Masebo

Former Transport and Communications Minister in the MMD government William Harrington will on Monday March, 31, challenge the findings of the tribunal  that was appointed to probe Former Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo.

Harrington is challenging the Roydah Kaoma led tribunal report that stated that Masebo did not obtain pecuniary advantage from dissolving the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) board, firing senior ZAWA managers and cancelling duly awarded tenders.

The report says since Masebo did not obtain pecuniary advantage, she did not then breach section 2 of the Ministerial Code of conduct thereby maintaining her parliamentary seat.

Harrington contends that Masebo did obtain pecuniary advantage giving among other reasons that the new management that Masebo personally appointed have been getting financial benefits through monthly salaries. Meanwhile, there are reports that Vice President Guy Scot during the week met Masebo and a Mr. Yousuf Zumla owner of Eastern Safaris were it was agreed that a number of employees be fired at ZAWA for alleged leaking information to Mr. Harrington.

A source from within ZAWA has disclosed that Vice President Scot personally phoned ZAWA Director General and directed that some employees among them Mrs. Matokwani who is the wife to Edwin Matokwane who was dismissed by Masebo as ZAWA Director General be dismissed.’ As I’m talking to you, I hear some letters of dismissals are being prepared by Mr. Vlahakis( ZAWA Director General) at the end of the day one or two people will be fired” the source said.

When contacted for a comment, Mr. Harrington confirmed that he will be filing for judicial review on Monday March, 31, 2014. Mr. Harrington also said he has received reports of people threatened with dismissals at ZAWA. ” Yes I have instructed my lawyers to go for Judicial review. They are just finalising documentation including an Affidavit. On Monday the filing will be done in the High Court” he said.

Harrington had petitioned Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to set up a tribunal to probe Masebo for misconduct after she unilaterally dissolved the ZAWA board, fired senior managers and canceled duly awarded tenders. The tribunal found Masebo guilty of dissolving the board, firing managers and cancelling duly awarded tenders. The tribunal however said she did not financially benefit from the decisions. Harrington says she financially benefited because the people she appointed to run ZAWA through the same bad decisions the tribunal has highlighted are drawing salaries.

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