Harrington warns Mwamba over Barotseland

Harrington warns Mwamba over Barotseland

William Harrington

President Edgar Lungu has been called upon to caution Zambians in diplomatic service to desist from commenting on the issue of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

The Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) is concerned that careless statements on the Agreement by Zambia’s ambassadors and high commissioners, if not handled well, can be a source of conflict.

The BNFA is particularly unhappy by the recent statement attributed to Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba who is reported to have been featured on SABC TV.

Alliance trustee William Harrington states that Mr. Mwamba’s alleged remarks must be condemned in the strongest terms as they are injurious to the peace-loving people of Barotseland.

Mr. Harrington notes that this is especially that President Lungu last year ordered for the publication of the Barotseland Agreement.

He says the BNFA further urges President Lungu to append his signature to the Permanent Court of Arbitration agreement documents that were submitted to State House.

Mr. Harrington says this is in order that the impasse over the Barotseland Agreement can be conclusively dealt with by a neutral international body – QFM.

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    Konkola 5 days ago

    One Zambia One Nation

  • comment-avatar
    STONGWANI 1 week ago

    im LOZI but fucked up in the head because of this same bullshit cowdung BRE they just sit on their asses eating from where they did not sow and defiling babies

  • comment-avatar
    YONA 1 week ago

    Harry thinks he will be President of the Republic of Barotseland.

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    Minister without portfolio 1 week ago

    This BA if left unchecked will bring anarchy to this country. Let all well meaning citizens of the Republic of Zambia condemn this issue with the strongest term. Inkondo efyo yamba ififine.

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    MULEMWA 1 week ago

    I am a lozi born way after 1964. I have no interest in this nonsense of barotse agreement. I am a Zambian and I urge all LOZIs to be Zambians and not be misled by thesr BNFA misfits masquariding as champions of the Lozis.

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    zamzam 1 week ago

    this is shit comimg from HARRINTON why didnt he raised this issue of BA WHEN HE WAS IN POWER SHAME ON YOU,Even the SIKOTAS,LEWANIKAS but to day you want be champions

  • comment-avatar

    you say this is shit? fuck your ass. is it because you do not have anything where you come from monkeys.leave BA to the children of the soil.mwembwa mwe.

  • comment-avatar
    Child of the Sky 1 week ago

    you’re a twit

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