Harry Kalaba calls on Zambians to demand reopening of Prime TV

Harry Kalaba calls on Zambians to demand reopening of Prime TV

Fellow Zambians, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today is a very sad day in the history of Zambia. The closing of the biggest Zambian owned TV station by the PF government without cause is not only an unfortunate incident, but an act of cowardice, impunity and desperation by an unpopular government which has out used all its unwitty government survival ploys and now resorts to dictatorship.

The Prime TV was the only TV station which got to the community and showed the world how you live, your sufferings and your happiness moments. Today the Patriotic Front government is using the same old MMD tactics which President Sata, and all of us fought. How many Zambian companies are we going to allow President Lungu to destroy. Dora Siliya destroyed Zambian Airways, President Lungu got her to destroy the Post, and today they have managed to destroy our community pride Prime TV.

The closure of prime TV demonstrates that president Lungu is not interested in your well fare. How does he close Prime TV for no reason when Prime TV is a Zambian employer of youth. How does he destroy prime TV and yet he went to China to broker a loan for digital migration, a loan of $274 Million, when we had the option of going digital with no cost to government. President Lungu brokers and guarantees a loan for Top Star a Chinese company to come and regulate and carry content for Zambian companies. Is President Lungu president for Zambians or for Chinese?

The Chinese have their own very good president who takes good care of his people. He provided funds for his Chinese people to build business enterprises in China and all over the world. Yet the Zambian president is all out to destroy the businesses facilitated by his predecessors.

Country women and men,
I am not one to judge good and evil.
And I don’t want to judge the religious convictions of President Lungu, the religious minister and all concerned, as I have no authority over that. However, the behavior of our own leadership does not reflect the behavior of a government of a Christian nation.. I call upon the religious minister my mother whom I respect so much, to resign if she is not effective in providing guidance on morals and values for the leadership to which she is party to. If your own leadership cannot rule the country on values, how do you expect the people to live by proper values? My mother Madam Sumaili, we know that the PF dirt is not yours, please resign as you are being smeared with this dirt.

Country women and men,
President Lungu has destroyed more jobs while he has failed to create jobs for the suffering youth and the people of Zambia.
He has failed to control the price of mealie meal. He has failed to control the economy which is completely dead. The only thing he wants to control is you and I. Is that what we voted him for?

The closure of Prime TV is not about Mr. Shawa and his people. Its about President Lungu not wanting the Zambian entrepreneurs and Zambian business men and women to survive and thrive. It’s about president Lungu sending a message to you and I that only he and him and what he wants matters. It’s about taking you and I back to the days when Zambia was a one party state when no dissenting voice was allowed. It’s about President Lungu’s cowardice and desperation of losing the elections next year, the fact which is well known to him and his colleagues.

We had made so much progress as a country since 1991.
Today President Lungu has managed to reverse all the gains of the multiparty state in just 6 years of his rule.
This is the fastest collapse of any economy in the history of the world. He has taken us back to pre 1991 where we were queuing up for mealie meal.
He has added another element which has never been seen in Zambia before, he is a dictator in all its forms.
Zambians have more than suffered under President Lungu’s leadership. Corruption, Intimidation, political violence and killings , Arsons, gassing of people and dictatorship…it’s all under PF.

I call upon all the people of Zambia to stand with Prime TV. I call upon the Church to stand with Prime TV. I call upon all the politicians to stand with Prime TV. We must show Madam Dora Siliya that Zambia is bigger than her. We must show President Lungu that Zambia is bigger than him.

Let us all join hands as brothers under the sun at this crucial and defining moment of our time

Let us defend the values and morals of our country. Today its prime TV, tomorrow its you and you and you and me.. It’s all of us.

Let us defend the principles on which our beautiful precious Republic of Zambia was founded upon, the principles which makes us to stand and proclaim the pride and freedoms of us as a people. The freedoms our fore fathers fought for. The principle of fairness and equality.

Harry Kalaba
Democratic Party

Let’s believe again!!

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