Harry Kalaba was very poor before joining PF, says Dora Siliya


“He is damaging his own reputation which is fast fading out”, she said.

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba is a holistic impotent man whose claims of corruption in government are baseless, but an effort to justify his welcome resignation, Agricultural Minister Dora Siliya has charged.

Speaking in Lusaka this afternoon, Ms. Siliya says it is extremely disheartening that Mr. Kalaba is beginning to have delusions on corruption in government without substantiating his blanket claims, which are only damaging his already fading reputation.

Ms. Siliya says it is unbecoming, for people that held senior government positions like Mr. Kalaba and Kambwili trying to gain popularity by disparaging the same government that has helped them get to where they are.

“I knew those guys (Kalaba and Kambwili) before PF formed government, they were extremely poor to say the least”, she said, adding that she remains hopeful that Mr. kalaba would reflect and desist from disparaging his former colleagues and calls for some modicum of decency when dealing with govt matters.

“Its annoying that these former PF members are insulting the head of state. Some of them are tempering with their already fading political popularity no-wander some people allergy that they are holistically impotent”, she said angrily.


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    Chelsey 6 days

    Dora is a political junk without shame. She has shitted on Sata’s pf without knowing that it would be her future paradise. Now, she wants to silence all whistle blowers to avoid a hefty embarrassment for all pf criminals. Shame on you Dora! Who would listen to your malicious information? Maybe your Congolese boyfriend would listen after getting drunk with Congo dust mutototo.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    You should not be asking Kalaba what he has done for the people of Bahati. Whatever kalaba would have done would have been done by the PF. Not an individual MP. What personal resources would an MP have to in turn give to the people? Of course Kalaba would tell you what he has done with the Constituency development fund. Stop asking him such stupid questions. If you think Kalaba has done nothing, then you are saying PF has done nothing because he was a PF MP.
    I want to question those who are saying PF has brought development, which development? You can pave a road today but continue into the abyss of poverty especially if the country is sliding into being Highly Indebted people, a condition that we came out from, then we are in trouble.High international credit, poor kwacha dolla exchange rate, exhorbitantly high cost foodstuffs, poor Agricultural policies then what development has the PF brought? Don’t worry, HH WILL FIX IT.

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    Mzee Hekima 2 weeks

    Dora we no you from the Ridgeway Hotel and over drinking days just enjoy your days. Leave innocent Kalaba a married what happened to your marriage. We know you.

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    Sara 2 weeks

    We have the most appalling leadership since independence.

    Even pots like Dora Siliya are able to call pans burnt-arses. What a nation!

    What grain of integrity does Dora possess to utter this garbage?

    Reclining lotus is the only technique she has used to go through High School, University, and to become a journalist and now a Minister.

    We have unmatched levels of bribery, nepotism, misuse of public money and other offenses, and here is Dora saying fiototo-fiototo!

    Just wait you monkeys; you will be prosecuted for this endemic abuse of public funds.

    Moreover, when that time comes, do not start telling us that ine nili na AIDS or heart problems or diabetes therefore I cannot appear in court or go to jail.

    Be strong that time just like you are strong now when plundering public resources.

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    REX TEMBO 2 weeks

    Madam Dora,insoni ebuntu if i were you
    i would leave politics and rest peacefully
    but i know you want continue enjoying stealing
    in the corrupt pf regime.

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    Mr Worried 2 weeks

    Zambia my Zambia our Zambia where are we going with all this hate,insults,lack of respect for divergent views?God please help us.

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    Juve 2 weeks

    Just shut up dora weswau!

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    When Dora was at kabulonga girls has 6 abortions yamafumo .

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    Spy 2 weeks

    If I were asked to choose an upright person between Dora and Harry, I would definitely choose Harry. From the time Dora came on the political scene, there’s nothing sensible I’ve seen in her….Maybe others have……Malawi maize saga, holiday when farmers were attacked by army worms, other pipo’s husbands, telecoms saga. the lust is endless.So Harry is better

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    analyser 2 weeks

    Kambwili tell this hole off so that she can go back to MMD. She’s in PF without any conviction but just for the position. Useless human being.

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    Mwebe Mutale 2 weeks

    Liule, ilyakamamo namenshi. That’s why she dates foreigners like mubalama kasai from Zaire , Congo .

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      Break News 2 weeks

      Dora, Zuma has finally approved a long-delayed judicial inquiry into claims of state looting under his presidency.
      South Africa’s public protector called on Mr Zuma to establish the judicial commission of inquiry in November 2016, in order to investigate allegations that the Gupta business family had exploited ties with the president to influence government business, including cabinet appointments.
      Africa’s public protector called on Mr Zuma to establish the judicial commission of inquiry in November 2016, in order to investigate allegations that the Gupta business family had exploited ties with the president to influence government business, including cabinet appointments.
      Watch this space!

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    Mwebe Mutale 2 weeks

    Dora mubalama , it’s better to shut up. You cannot be compared with Kalaba. You ran away with mubalama to las Vargas leaving the farmers stranded. We have respect for ba Kalaba and we love him. GO back to your MMD, you have have high jacked the party . Ba Dora namakwenkwe to hell with your stupidity.

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    Chilyata 2 weeks

    Every comment Dora Siliya, the PF official Prostitute, makes has to do or end up with a bit of sex. Does it mean that she is always thinking of sex because she is not serviced properly!
    She is not even ashamed of herself for always talking about sex on things that have nothing to do sex. What is the correlation of sex with her corruption? We have army worms and Cholera but this evil devil of a woman is only interested in talking about sex!!

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    kubweka 2 weeks

    Dora if I were you I would desist from commenting on other people. Jezebel would have been asking you for some tricks about getting on in life. What about that huge sum of money you deposited into your son s account/

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    Mike 2 weeks

    Kalaba is now a rebel MP in the eyes of the PF government, the sooner people of Bahati realize that the better. If Kalaba really cared for the people he would have resigned as Member of Parliament as well, but he wants to use the people as collateral to advance his own political ambitions. Personally I don’t think he has done anything for the people, other than giving out handouts and money to his devoted PF cadres during his rare visits, the same cadres who are claiming to be his loyal supporters.

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    Dora siliya no normal person is today listening to PF leaders non my sister,its people like u who hv a damaged political popurality,u hv a dent u yoself if not dent one of them MALAWI Maize scandle we just waiting for change in 2021 u wil dance dununa in prison.Some of u people hv no shame.Ala insoni ebuntu kwateniko insoni.u MMD cadres in government u de ones who hv distroyed our party PF u chased u frm governing zambia by voting u out in 2011 bt someone brought u bck n u tought them hw to steal n today zambia has bn distroyed stinking thieft stinking corruption,so my sister leave KALABA N KAMBWILI alone.if these 2 people u hv mentioned were corrupt n stealing in PF government y didnt u arrest them? just shut up Dora Yo PF is finished finished dora.we wil nva b cheated again nva u hear me,start building prisons coz dats were u b come 2021

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    A K 2 weeks

    Dora siliya don,t pretend,u also insulted sata & de entire PF leadership when u went 2 kitwe in wusakile grounds in 2011.what ve u seen gud now in pf which u didn,t in 2011 when pf was in opposition? u even promised me & other teachers in kitwe 4 dismisal if MMD won de elections when i told u,i quote”dora & rupia u,re time wasters as u,re loosing de 2011 elections.” u,re a full time political prostitute,dora.daughter of a bitch.

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    Njangwamuloty 2 weeks

    For a whore that crawled through university, ZNBC and government via selling lousy and tasteless s.exual services, this is very cheap! Now even Katangese kabokes are exploring her HIV ravaged blossom, standards have indeed plunged right through the floor! And if someone is clueless about the meaning of “a nullify”, I wonder if Dora has a clue about “holistically impotent”!