Harry Kalaba was very poor before joining PF, says Dora Siliya

Harry Kalaba was very poor before joining PF, says Dora Siliya


“He is damaging his own reputation which is fast fading out”, she said.

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba is a holistic impotent man whose claims of corruption in government are baseless, but an effort to justify his welcome resignation, Agricultural Minister Dora Siliya has charged.

Speaking in Lusaka this afternoon, Ms. Siliya says it is extremely disheartening that Mr. Kalaba is beginning to have delusions on corruption in government without substantiating his blanket claims, which are only damaging his already fading reputation.

Ms. Siliya says it is unbecoming, for people that held senior government positions like Mr. Kalaba and Kambwili trying to gain popularity by disparaging the same government that has helped them get to where they are.

“I knew those guys (Kalaba and Kambwili) before PF formed government, they were extremely poor to say the least”, she said, adding that she remains hopeful that Mr. kalaba would reflect and desist from disparaging his former colleagues and calls for some modicum of decency when dealing with govt matters.

“Its annoying that these former PF members are insulting the head of state. Some of them are tempering with their already fading political popularity no-wander some people allergy that they are holistically impotent”, she said angrily.

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