Harry Kalaba’s hypocrisy on spotlight

Harry Kalaba’s hypocrisy on spotlight

Kalaba’s hypocrisy on the spot

*By Joze Manda*

*His newspaper the “New Vision” amassed millions of kwacha from government departments, ministries and parastatals, at the same time he also sent more than 26 family members into foreign service.*

The story trending on social media that Harry Kalaba has refused his gratuity is laughable, because Kalaba is using old political tactics of trying to look holier than thou when we all know how much money he amassed when he was in office and we reveal here how he made his dirty money.

As much we agree that corruption and abuse of office has increased tenfold in the last five years, we should also not hasten to accuse our political opponents of the same plunder we have been part off for political expediency.

Our investigations of the self professed anti- corruption hero, Harry Kalaba has unearthed so much dirty, corruption and abuse of office in his dealing in the last two years before he resigned.

*How it all started*

After the death of president Sata and the subsequent election into office of Edgar Lungu, many PF members including Harry Kalaba saw a lost opportunity for them becoming president and from day one started capitalizing on the confusion that was caused or created by the Guy Scott group in the PF to begin planning for the future war with Edgar Lungu. Many where financially handicap and Kalaba was one of them and he quickly devised a plan to suck million from government through his Newspaper the Vision.

*The Vision Newspaper.*

Our investigation has unearthed how Harry Kalaba abused his authority to milk the government of over billions of kwacha using his New Vision newspaper. It is estimated that Kalaba got away with over 2 billion kwacha rebased which is equivalent to approximately *UDS 195 million, some of which he has starched aside to fund his presidential campaign *(detailed list of amounts and organizations involved is available).*

These are the same millions he used to buy his printing equipment, which is now situated at the new vision office in Avondale. The machines where brought from South Africa and the UK and cost close to one million UDS. The most expensive print press was delivered and installed by a South Africa company called *Graphicare, which is singularly run by an Indian National by the name of Abdul Ghafoor* Allie, who claims to have offices in Zambia but has no address in Zambia. This might be the same company Kalaba used to launder money out of the country into offshore accounts.

The same millions where used to buy off the same property where the New Vision and his Democratic Party is situated from and NGO of which he was the Chairman. He broke down the house that was there and built state of art flats and warehouses at the back. Kalaba has also built about 26 houses dotted around Zambia.

Kalaba used his newspaper as a vehicle to solicit for forced adverts and force payment from government departments, ministries and parastatals. Kalaba created a sales team that was directly supervised by to himself to go round all ministries and parastatals to get adverts, most of the times by force and Kalaba personally phoned procurement Directors, Managers and officers himself to demand adverts and payments for his newspaper, (phone records are available).

Kalaba and his New Vision newspaper become above the law and crooked that they started getting involved in fraud. The system of theft the employed was to cut out government and parastatal adverts from The Daily Mail and Times of Zambia Newspaper and print in their Newspaper and then demand for payment for adverts they where not given, *(among the long list of some of the organizations and ministries defrauded include, RDA, ZRA, ECZ, ZESCO, RTSA, NAPSA, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce and many more).* It is believed New Vision made a lot of dirty millions from this scheme, RDA & ZRA once even suspended the New Vision newspaper from receiving adverts from them.

*The current status*

The current status of the New Vision Newspaper is pathetic, only 5% of all copies printed are sold but it continues to operate using the stashed out cash that Kalaba accumulated. Ask those in the printing or the newspaper industry and they will tell you that, it costs nothing less than *K15,000* to print a daily edition of which the New Vision does not recover from sales and has zero adverts.

The question is how are they managing to stay afloat? The new Vision has a monthly expenditure of close to *K500,000.000,* who is funding them?

Its is therefore clear that Kalaba is playing angel when he plundered the same government he is demonizing to fund his newspaper and his political career. His plan is to use his newspaper as his vehicle for his 2021 presidential campaign.

*Kalaba’s Nepotism & Appointment of relatives into foreign service*

While serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Harry Kalaba placed his elder sister, Chimese Kalaba as Zambia’s First Secretary in the Zambian Mission in Belgium.

Chimese is Former marketing manager at Mulungushi International Conference a position Kalaba pushed for her in 2011 after PF came into power.

He sent Chimese and 25 other relatives and girl friends in Foreign during the vacuum (December 2014-January 2015) that existed when President Sata died and ECL was becoming President.

Kalaba also imposed his young sister Dorcas Kalaba as Zesco Center Manager at Crossroads Shopping Mall.

In 2014, Harry Kalaba appointed his Girlfriend and Church mate Maloni to replace a Mr. Yosi Miti at the Zambian High Commission in Tanzania.

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