Has HH sold Milanzi to Sata?

The UPND-PF ‘Pact’ has adopted Albert Banda as candidates for the Milanzi by-elections set for April 29 this year-this is public knowledge now.
Banda will stand on the Patriotic Front (PF) ticket.
But that is a smilingly potential spark in the pact. The PF-UPND is not explaining how they have picked this particular candidate in relation to precedent.
In the past two parliamentary bye-elections in Kasama and Solwezi, the candidates were picked on the performance of the each partner party in the most recent election. That means if the MP who left the vacancy was from the PF, then the PF will field a candidate for the pact to support.
In Kasama, The PF selected Geoffrey Mwamba because the MP who reigned, Savior Chishimba, to leave the vacancy was from PF.
In the Solwezi bye-election, the vacancy was left by an MMD MP Ben Tetamashimba.
The PF-UPND pact, we were told, had to field a candidate from the party with perceived stronger support in the area. We were told this is part of the electoral pact.
So, the UPND, which came second in the 2006 polls, had to put up a candidate in the name of Watson Lumba. We never heard any complaints from the two elections.
Infact this trend has been followed though even in local government elections including the forthcoming one.
It seems there has been no other method used to decide which party puts a candidate.
The same has happened for Mufumbwe. The UPND which came second from the MMD is featuring the candidate for the pact.
But what has happened in Milanzi?
One would have expected that the UPND which has demonstrated supremacy to its PF partner in this constituency will be the one to come up with the candidate.
Here are the results of the last two elections held in Milanzi to help make the picture clear.
In the 2006 general elections, UPND, UNIP and FDD had an alliance. They featured one candidate Chosani Njovu. He won the seat with 5,682 votes.
The PF, through Ezala Mvula got 529 votes.
And in the most recent bye-election following the death of Chosani Njovu, the MMD won the election through the late MP Reuben Chisanga.
UPND candidate Chimwala Phiri polled 2,303, PF candidate Peter Phiri got 688 votes.
So then, what mathematics was used to give the PF the constituency? And what will this mean to voters?
Was there a comprise between Sata and Hichilema?
Did the PF fear that it would be out of public limelight if the UPND featured and won both seats?
And what does this say regarding the strength of the UPND in the pact?
Suppose these bye-elections were both on the Copperbelt where the PF is considered to be more popular than UPND, would the PF have given one to UPND?
Is this no the greatest indicator of how the pact presidential candidate will be or has been chosen for 2011?
We shall wait and see.

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