‘Hated’ Kabwe town faces another blow as Cosafa games relocate

The complaints by the two Kabwe MPs as to what residents of this vital town have wronged the PF have become complicated, with another blow of relocating the Cosafa slot from Godfrey Ucar Chitalu stadium to Nkana stadium in Kitwe.

And MMD die hard coordinator Bowman Lusambo  has demanded that the stretch of Buntungwa road  which was blocked at the office of the provincial minister be cleared, failure to which MMD youths will clear the way so that provincial minister Kosamu and Kabwe DC Patrick Chishala also have a feel of the lead polluted dust that the PF government has continued to expose the people of Kabwe to.

Sources at FAZ and the provincial administration confirmed to the Zambian watchdog that government has refused to release money for the rehabilitation of the stadium and opted to shift the venue to Nkana stadium in Kitwe but Kabwe resident Given Ziba says that the buisness community in Kabwe is able to raise the Kr500,000 required for the works.

Lusambo has since promised to deliver Kr600 to Football house tommorrow in abid to compel FAZ to reverse the decision. Two days ago, the community petitioned ailing dictator Michael Sata to reverse the Zambia Railways relocation through a protest match. Kabwe people feel the relocation of the venue will deny them entertainment and business opportunities projected during the tournament.
During the venue the MPs Sydney Mushanga and James Kapyanga cried that the PFgovernment did not appreciate the Kabwe people despite being the only town in the province to give both seats to the PF.

Meanwhile Lusambo has described as ‘animal farm’ the blocking of Buntungwa road at provincial administration office. He has threatened that if the way is not cleared within a month, he will mobilise MMD cadres to do the clearing, emphasising that if other people are being exposed to dust, even leaders must take the dust.

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