Having tested jail, what else will HH fear?

Having tested jail, what else will HH fear?

By Mwamba Penin II

1. As a business executive, we knew him as Inkoko yaloni. After being in prison for over 100 days, he has come out as strong as Ichibata. Having tested jail life, he now has nothing to fear hence he will be more forceful than ever before.

2. He was little known internationally, now everyone you talk to from other countries are asking about him. Next time he is arrested, international voices will even be stronger than ever before regardless of the offence.

3. We didn’t even know that his wife could face international media. She has been given free training and gained confidence by day, more and more.

4. After the loss, he was becoming illerevant especially and significantly as he pushed his matters in court. After his arrest, he has been a subject of local, regional and international discussion on governance and the rule of Law. He is now going to be part of our discussions for years to come.

5. He was known as a freemason and therefore anti Christ. While in prison, he has written so much about God that even those who believed his earlier tag are now questioning it’s validity.

6. He was regarded as a rich man who has never suffered before to appreciate what a common person goes through. Today, he has gone through the worst kind of human suffering.

7. So many people were around him because of what they could get from him. Today, he knows who his true friends are.

Regardless of how we look at it, no matter how painful this may be to those who don’t want to face the truth, the winner in all this is HH.

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