Standard Bank Head office queries Zambian unit Stanbic over bribing judges

Standard Bank Head office queries  Zambian unit Stanbic over bribing judges

Standard Bank South Africa has quarried its unit in Zambia, Stanbic over revelations that Stanbic bribed Supreme Court judges to set aside a High court t judgment that ordered the bank to compensate Savenda Management K192 million for negligently and wrongly reporting the local firm to the credit reference bureau.

Meanwhile the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has received official complaint to investigate Supreme Court judges who received bribes from Stanbic bank through notorious lawyer Eric Silwamba and his bag carriers (partners) Joseph Alexander Jalasi and Lubinda Linyama.


Following revelations that Stanbic through their lawyers paid judges close to $200, 000 each to trash a well-reasoned judgment and hopes to recover the bribery money from Savenda as costs, Standard bank on Tuesday 12 June 2018 dispatched a representative to Zambia, immigration sources told the Watchdog.


Standard Bank is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.


The named Standard bank official met Stanbic bank in-house lawyer and Company Secretary Doris Tembwe (in picture) and Lubinda Linyama, one of Eric Silwamba’s junior partners. During the meeting, Doris Tembwe assured the Standard bank official that there will be no tribunal or any investigation against the bank because vice-president Inonge Wina will ‘help’. Tembwe assured her worried visitor that Lubinda Linyama has been assigned to bring vice-president Wina on board to make sure that the vice-president talks to president Edgar Lungu to block any investigation against Stanbic.


Lubinda Linyama is the grandson of Vice-president Inonge Wina. Lubinda told the meeting that he had already spoken to his grandmother but would be meting her again to finalise.


Meanwhile, the National Empowerment Forum (NEF) has officially written to the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate Standard Bank and Supreme Court judges over the same bribery accusations.


NEF director Edgar Siakacoma told the ACC that ‘the corruption allegation that are being reported in the media about the conduct of some Supreme Court Judges in the Savenda Vs. Stanbic Bank Zambia case are too damming to be ignored if our Judiciary is to maintain its credibility and sanctity among the citizens’.


Siakacoma told the ACC that Media reports suggest that the decision by the Supreme Court was as a result of some ulterior motivation.


‘We therefore write to you as a competent body to investigate this matter so that the integrity of the Bench is maintained,’ Siakachoma told the ACC.


The National Empowerment Forum (NEF) is a Non-Governmental Organisation that was established to among other things champion the empowerment of local enterprises. Our vision is to promote the empowerment of Zambian owned businesses that can generate wealth for the country and create the much-needed employment opportunities for the youths.



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