Headteacher impregnates 2 pupils, tells them to abort


A head teacher in Nakonde Distric of Muchinga Province has been arrested after impregnating two under age Grade 9 Girls of his school.

sources in Nakonde confirmed that the school manager only identified as Mr Ng’uni of Madwa Junior Secondary School was picked up by police yesterday after he gave money and medicine to one of his victims to abort the pregnancy. And two female teachers of the same school confirmed that Mr Nguni had been having unprotected sex with under age female learners at his school, sometimes in his office for more than 12 months now without being cautioned by the weak DEBS.
Nakonde District Education Board Secretary (Stainly Mwambazi) is said to be fearing the abusive/stubborn Headteacher who has so far turned down three transfers to be moved out of Madwa School to Ntatumbila within Nakonde and to Mafinga District within Muchinga Province. The Provincial Education Officer (a lady) is also reported to have failed to force the sexually abusive head teacher to leave this newly built school in Nakonde to other places.
“Nakonde has a very weak DEBS who has been fearing to discipline Mr Nguni for many offences he has been committing including using sarcastic language to his teachers” said the intelligence source.
“The P.E.O Muchinga had in 2016 tried to transfer the DEBS NAKONDE because of him being useless but he has refused the transfer on account that he was constructing in Nakonde, something that annoyed a lot of teachers who wanted the district to be headed by a serious DEBS”, said the source.
Mr Mwambazi is said to be one of the most lazy and useless DEBS to have headed Nakonde District Education Offices as he is too slow to act on teachers’ several pending cases, said some Headteachers in the District who sought anonymity.
And sources at the DC’s office have confirmed that Mr Nguni together with his wife who is the Deputy Headteacher for Chiyanga Primary within Nakonde, is one of the many school managers in the district who were dubiously appointed in the rein of the worst corrupt dictatorial DEBS Mr Sinkala who is now retired and has joined politics.

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