Health Insurance law is very useless

Health Insurance law is very useless

By Nason Msoni

Any health insurance scheme requiring our citizens to pay collapses even before it gets started.

Copy and pasted western ideas cannot work in an environment where nearly everyone is unemployed.The few workers on the payroll are already overburdened and overwhelmed by reckless taxation. it would be unfair to subject these workers to more deductions to meet the deficit of those who are unemployed.

The idea of a health insurance scheme is not entirely a new thing. it is a tried and failed process. This scheme similarly is also doomed to miserably fail like all the previous ones.

In the past citizens paid for these schemes but ended up with no medicines at the end of the treatment process. Citizens are sick and tired of criminally sponsored schemes using subsidiary legislation to legitimise theft and plunder of public resources.
We think this is a grandiose scheme to raise campaign funds for desperate politicians after failing to obtain the IMF loan. The haste and speed with which they’re moving betray the architects of the project. The PF government has not shown any concerns for the welfare of our people in hospitals. The sudden flight change of mind is totally suspect.

We think opposition walkout on the debate is justified as this suspected project will certainly boomerang back in the face of the PF criminals.

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