Health Professional Association segregative

Dear Editor,

Refer to the above caption.

I wish to air my grievances as regards to issuance of health profession practicing licenses. My concern goes to you the Health Professions Association of Zambia formerly, Medical Council of Zambia. You are very segregative in the way you issue your licenses to trained Environmental Health Officers.

You only give the practicing licenses to Environmental Health cadres who were trained by local institutions thus, UNZA (Ridgeway Campus), Chainama, and Evelyn Hone Colleges.

To those who have taken an initiative to get some training outside Zambia, alas to them, you have barred them from getting to practice their expertise gotten from institutions outside Zambia, reason being that you do not recognize their degrees. My expectations were that you will appreciate these professionals who have put in efforts and taken initiatives to train from outside Zambia and paid exorbitant fees for themselves.

Moreover, UNZA only enrolls about 6-8 in-service students; the capacity of Ridgeway campus for Environmental Health students is extremely limited, and because of this, professional with Diplomas are compelled to go and train in South Africa more especially at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

But when these people come back to Zambia with their degrees, you tell them that you do not accept/ recognize their degrees from institutions outside Zambia unless from UNZA or UK. What kind of policies are these? When is our country going to change these poor education systems for the sake of development? I challenge you Health Professions Association of Zambia to tell the nation on what number is UNZA placed amongst African Universities as compared to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in terms of standards? Moreover, most of the lecturers at Chainama, Evelyn Hone, and Ridgeway campus obtained their degrees from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Lastly, I wish to advise the Zambia Institute of Environmental Health (ZIEH) to look into this matter with urgency, if something will not be done against this injustice, it is you the ZIEH who shall be held liable. Zambia Institute of Environmental Health you are absolutely doing nothing, please wake up and play your roles. As Environmental Health cadres, we currently have no one to represent us (to act as our mouth piece).

I would be very grateful if accorded the space in your articles. Thanking you in advance.

Best Regards,


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