Health services under PF in Mangango constituency

Health services under PF in Mangango constituency

IMG_0091[1] IMG_0120[1] IMG_0121[1]Government has failed to provide sufficient health workers at Mangango mission hospital and calls to have the only hospital in the area rehabilitated have fallen on deaf ears while classified daily employees have been denied decent wages.

A check by the Watchdog at the institution revealed that the hospital is manned by only one medical doctor of Congolese origin, a doctor Mangala. There are very few clinical officers and nursing staff who are forced to work double shifts.

Furthermore, infrastructure remains undeveloped, the out patients department has no ventilation and from a rough look one would think it is a hardware shop and yet this is where the first contact with patients is done.

The classified daily employees (CDEs) get less than K1,000 per month and are also forced to do double shifts without any extra payments. Some CDEs spoken to accused government and some ministry of health officials of having some ghost workers on the payroll and efforts to have government halt this have all failed.

During the tour of Mangango, we have also visited Kaoma district hospital where we have found a long queue of patients waiting to be attended to by the few medical staff there.

This is Mangango in Western province of Zambia where the PF government says there are unprecedented development projects taking place.

The next article will focus on how PF is using rural electrification to fool people of Mangango and Western province as a whole. Some voters spoken to said they cannot be fooled by an incompetent government and have already made up their mind to vote for a capable candidate from a well meaning party.

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