Health workers at Chipata General hospital join strike

Nurses and midwives at Chipata General Hospital have joined the strike action by their colleagues in Lusaka and Southern provinces.

A check at the biggest health facility in the province found nurses and midwives loitering around the premises.

The striking workers have vowed not to resume work until government meets their demands of normalizing what they termed as salary anomalies.

And Zambia Union of Nurses Organization (ZUNO) Chairperson Japhet Mulipa said the nurses had resolved to take the strike action because they were not happy with the four percent salary increment which was awarded to them and the gap between the professional and the general workers which he said has been squeezed.

He stated that it is mockery that there is a minimal difference between professional and non professionals saying it defeats the purpose of attaining qualifications.

He stated that government had not honoured the pronouncements made in the media to award the nurses with a K2500 salary increment saying this angered the nurses.

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