Heartless GBM throws 17 families into the rain

Heartless GBM throws 17 families into the rain


*17 families have no where to sleep tonight. Anyone with blankets and food kindly Helo these fellow Zambians

Former Kasama PF MP, defence minister and UPND vice president Geoffrey Mwamba has thrown 17 families into the rainy cold in Kasama.

This was after the Supreme Court as expected sided with the rich at the expense of poor families in a battle for former ZSIC flats.

The short background is that in 2006, ZSIC decided to sale it flats on Plot number 1539, Mungwi Road, Kasama.

The then sitting tenants demanded that they should be given the first priority to buy the flats from the Zambia State Insurance Corporation (ZISC).

But ZSIC decided to sale the flats to GBM Milling ageist common sense and human values.

The tenants put some money together to seek justice in the courts of law. Little did they know it’s a court of lawlessness where the one with money definitely wins. Following this legal battle, tenants could not pay rent to GBM as they did not recognise him as rightful owner of the property.

Given the general incompetence and stupidity of Zambian courts, the case dragged on from 2007.

Last month, the Supreme Court said the flats belong to GBM.

The Supreme Court of Zambia, which is supposed to be the last hope for poor people, ordered the 17 poor, now jobless families to pay GBM K5,4000,000 together with interest at the current bank rates.

The Supreme Court future ordered the 17 Zambian families to pay GBM arrears accumulated from January 01, 2007 to date standing at K1,554,480. The court also said the poor tenants should also pay GBM another K200,000 as cost of execution ( evicting then ).

The tenants have since been evicted and all their property grabbed by GBM.

The courts could not take into consideration the reasons tenants were not paying rent but only looked at GBM’s losses. Had the courts disposed of this case in good time, the arrears could not have accumulated to these figures which clearly none of the tenants can afford.

The Supreme Court should learn to distribute losses in such cases of life and death. GBM is in a better position to bear some of the losses here and the court should have considered that. Why condemn these families to their early just to allow GBM to feed his already fat children?

It is not fair. It is Satanic.

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