Help for Annett Nankamba

Help for Annett Nankamba

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 22.04.19A few days ago we posted photos of Annett Nankamba, a cancer patient based in a rural area of Mbala district.

Annet needs urgent help. She should have received an operation many years ago to remove the tumour that is on the side of the face. Her local health facility recommended many years ago for her to go for specialist treatment at UTH in Lusaka. But she has no means. She now appeals to you for direct and urgent help.
She is seeking to raise K15, 000 initially to help her and her mother travel to Lusaka to meet doctors either at UTH or any specialist hospital. It is only after consultation with doctors that the medical bill will be assessed. For now she needs to K15, 000 to go and meet doctors. This K15, 000 is for transport, food and accommodation while in Lusaka and possibly return bus ticket to Mbala depending on doctors’ advice.

To facilitate this, a joint bank account for her and Mr Charles Sampa has been opened.
The details are

ACC NUMBER: 051 1001110
People wishing to help can deposit the money direct into this account.

We have taken reasonable care, including obtaining certain documents, to establish the authenticity of Annet’s case through Mr Charles Sampa who contacted us with the matter and is acting as agent for Annet. Mr Sampa is a civil servant in the judiciary in Mbala and his mobile number is 00260977758773 for those who wish to clarify any issues.
The Zambian Watchdog shall not handle any money and hereby declines to receive money on behalf of Annet, and would therefore not be held responsible for any claim that may arise out of anyone remitting money to Annet or Mr Sampa. ‘Good Samaritans’ are advised to make their own inquires to satisfy themselves before remitting money, if in doubt.
We are however satisfied that Annet needs urgent financial help.
We are confident that when the required amount is raised, Mr Sampa will advise us accordingly and we shall say so here.
We therefore advise that those wiling to help Annet can send us copies of deposit slips to

Money can also be sent by Western Union or money Gram to Mr Sampa.

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