‘Help me pay CBU fees’

‘Help me pay CBU fees’

Good morning,

My names are John Lubaya a single orphan born in a family of 3 all boys of which am the second born
Am a Cbu student who’s supposed to be in second year but out of school because of finances.Last academic year I was awarded 75% student loan to study Bachelors of science (Non quota) under the School of mathematics and natural Science at the Copperbelt university and I wrote the exams but I haven’t managed to check my results because I can’t manage to clear my last academic year balance which is K5000 of the K10000 I was paying
My father died on 12th july in 2007 and from that time my family has been living in abject poverty,my single widowed mom doesn’t work so she has no workable income to support me and my brothers in Educational fees but only depends on the rentals(K750) she gets from our tenants we have installed in our three(3) bed roomed house of which we live in 2 rooms and the other part is occupied by the tenants
Please help me Share this message to well wishers and the public at large please
For more confirmation,my student number is 18122236 and my phone number is 0962527616
My mother’s is 0965394764

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    John lubaya,don’t waste time contact the richest man of thel land to sponsor you.HH

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      And how about the people that have stolen all the resources. HH cant help all the unfortunate people. Lungu is the one with kasaka kandalama

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    Judith mwamba 2 weeks ago

    These are  worth people to help ! We got your number. Thanks